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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I would have preferred the Pony Express

Hunstville,   TX


As fulltime RVers we get our mail from a mail forwarding service and sometimes from relatives.  Often we have it sent General Delivery to the Post Office in the town where we have temporarily landed.   Other times it is to a relative where we are visiting and other times it is to the agency where we are volunteering through NOMADS.   We've never had an issue.  NEVER.  That is until we hit Mercedes, Tx.

We arrived in Mercedes one week before we started volunteering.   We notified our mail forwarding service to send our mail to the Methodist church where we were based.  In addition, my daughter in NJ had some things to send to us.   In both cases there were documents needed to file our 2012 income tax.

One of the items my daughter was sending was Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley is a little boy (can I call him a paperdoll?) that children are instructed to send around the world to have his picture taken at various places.   At the end of the school year they are to report with pictures on where he had visited.   This Flat Stanley belongs to my great-nephew.   My daughter Terri works for an international company.   She sent Flat Stanley to co-workers who obliged with pictures.  For instance, Flat Stanley spent New Years Eve in the Alps and has the picture to prove it.  He also lived it up in Zurich with two beauties.  (Sorry can not figure how to righten this pic I received via email). 

On January 22 Terri send Flat Stanley and other mail to me at the Methodist Church in Mercedes.  On the same day, our mail forwarding service sent mail to us at the church.

We waited.  We waited.  We waited.   In the meantime Terri sent me other mail which I received about a week after she sent it.  And we continued to wait for the two mailings from January 22.   On February 12 Terri received the mail that included Flat Stanley back.   She mailed it all back to Mercedes the next day.

In the meantime I found out the correct address of the church is 16th street.   I had told Terri and the mail forwarding service it was 17th street.   The FRONT on the church is on 16th.  The BACK is on 17th. AND it is the ONLY Methodist church in town and the church complex are the only buildings on that block.   I guess the Post Office sometimes doesn't realize that.

Since our private information such as SS numbers, etc was in the mailings I have been upset.   We left Mercedes on February 16 and did not receive the mail from our mail forwarding service nor the mail from my daughter that included Flat Stanley. 

AT LAST!  The January 22 mailing was returned to our mail forwarding service yesterday.  One month and 3 days after it was mailed.   And the mail from my daughter who had re-mailed it on February 12 also was received at the church yesterday. Our friends at Mercedes took Flat Stanley to Mexico for pictures including at the border.

Flat Stanley is now on his way back to my great nephew and our mail is on our way to us.  

I know those horses would have been faster.


JO said...

That's pretty sad that a post office doesn't know where the only Methodist Church is by one more or less street. Yes I think the Pony Express was much better Indian attacks and Highway men to boot.

Laurie and George said...

I agree. Sometimes the postal workers don't use their heads. Glad that it all worked out and Flat Stanley got his picture taken :)

Donna K said...

Well Flat Stanley had more of an adventure than he counted on, didn't he?!? Too bad you couldn't get pictures of him being lost in the bowels of the postal service!! Glad it all finally worked out okay.

Anonymous said...

And THAT, my friend, is why the Post Office is busted... lazy and/or incompetent workers. Hard to feel sorry for them, isn't it?

BTW, it was great talking to you the other day.

Judy H. (Cat Lady)

where's weaver said...

Our good friends that just left had flat Mary with them everywhere. What a hoot. What will they think of next.