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Friday, March 1, 2013

The time goes by

Hunstville,  TX

The days are passing by as we get into our routine as gate guarders.    Leonard goes to bed around 7 pm and sleeps until I wake him around 2 am.   Then it is my turn to try to sleep.  Sometimes sleep comes easy, other days I lay there with my insomnia.    I wake around 8 most mornings.   I find as I've grown older I require much less sleep. 

As I got out of the shower this morning the delightful scent on bacon frying caught me by surprise.   As I groggily found my way to the kitchen I found Leonard at the stove.   Potatoes would be nice too.   I opened a can of sliced potatoes which he cooked up.   He asked if I would fry the eggs - three for him, two for me.  That and some whole wheat toast and we had a fine breakfast.

Len puttered around today attempting to do some repairs on the mud flaps of our truck.  When he could not find the bolts he needed to finish,  I drove the 13 miles to the post office and was delighted to find two large envelopes of mail waiting.  One was from Fanny in Mercedes who took Flat Stanley around to have his picture taken.   She sent not only my brother copies of the pictures, but to me also.   I am sure my great-nephew will like the pictures especially one taken of Flat Stanley in Mexico on a burro.

The other mail package was one I thought I would never see.   It was originally mailed from our mail forwarding service in South Dakota in mid January.   They received it back last week and re mailed it.    I've talked to daughter Terri today who will check to see if there are statements at her house (our old house) from our Financial Planner and our savings account.  Once these are gathered I will get busy with Turbo Tax.

The rest of the day was spent reading the latest issue of Gypsy Journal and a book on RVing on my Kindle that was a free download today only -  This Restless Life.   In this book the author ( an  apparent blogger) mentions the death of Bruce and Margie.   Margie was an inspiration to many of us.  She enjoyed her chosen lifestyle - that of a fulltime RVer.  

I think of our three years "on the road".  Now here we sit for the next two months.   This is so different from what we have done over the three years.   I am okay with that.  We have slowed down giving us time to reflect and breathe.    There are times when the traffic through the gate is frequent.  Other times, especially from midnight to 4 am, when the traffic is almost non-existent.    I find myself napping but the sound of the bell alarm brings me around with a snap.  Just as I am getting to know the names of many of the oilfield workers, they are off for 7 days and the other crew arrives.

After some homemade soup we settled in for a few hours - Len watching Encore Westerns, me reading.  Now at 8:20 he is well asleep and I will rest a bit on the sofa waiting for the bell alarm to move me.  Oh, and this time at night I have control of the remote.


Texas Yellow Rose said...

We enjoyed our stint of split shifts in South Carolina. Interestingly, seems like the gal gets that 7-2 shift. I've noticed that in a few of the gate guarding blogs. That's the split we found worked for us, too. Even though you're working, it does seem a bit of a slow-down for you guys. Enjoy!

where's weaver said...

Hallelujah. Will miracles never cease. You got your mail. Good for you.

Laurie and George said...

Glad you finally got your mail :) How is the dust so far in your rig? Looks like you guys are adapting so far anyway.

Rick Doyle said...

Wow, 2am seems like an odd time to start or end a shift. But, what do I know. Glad you're both adapting well to it.

JO said...

Sounds like you both have settled into this new job. Breakfast sure sounds good.
Let me know how you like the book maybe I will get it.