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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Len in hospital - everything has changed.

Huntsville, TX

In February when we were working on a NOMADS project in Mercedes, TX Leonard showed me how his left leg was swollen.   He thought maybe he twisted it while working.   We went to the local clinic where they took XRays that showed nothing was broken.  The doctor gave him prescription for pain relievers and diuretics.  The swelling has not gone down.

As the drilling crew left Friday and the line crew is not coming in until tomorrow or Tuesday we have a couple of days we could both leave the site.   Yesterday I insisted he have the leg checked.  We first went to an Urgent Care center.  They would not look at it but told him to go to ER.  

At the ER they did tests that show he has a blood clot in the thigh.   This could have been fatal had it traveled.  He has to stay in hospital 3 or 4 days while treating with blood thinners.   Before we knew he had to stay in hospital they gave us the ER bill.   Over $4,000 !!!   Are they serious?    Just for the ER?   I can only imagine the final bill.  

So, no Alaska trip or other plans in our horizon.   When he retired he attempted to get health insurance and was turned down in Texas and SD.  Both times we wanted a high deductible Health Saving Account.

As we were getting ready to retire he had numerous tests done to determine if he had any issues.   Everything came out satisfactory.  However, when someone in our doctor's office responded to the insurance companies, the letter listed everything he was tested for.  According to the letter, it looked like he was actually TREATED for all these ailments and not just tested.    So we took a gamble and lost.  He will turn 65 in January when he will get Medicare. We were trusting he would not have a problem until then.

But it looks like now that most of what we've worked for over the last many years will pay a huge hospital bill.  Even at that, I would not take back the last three years of full timing and still be working.   I am five plus years older than Leonard.  If we had waited until he was 65 for Medicare I would be 71.   I was burned out when I retired at almost 66.  

The doctors made it clear to him that he is not to drive long distances again.  No more 400-500 mile days.  That is fine with me.  

My issue now is I might be required to do the job here myself or have to  leave.  I can not work 24/7 until he comes home.   I also do not know how I am going to hook up this fifth wheel and move it.

For now I  will try not to worry.  I am most thankful he is going to be okay.  Everything else will work itself out.   I'm off to the hospital to see what's happening!


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Angela and I are so sorry to hear your news. Len will be in our prayers.

Wish we were close to help you out.

Carol said...

You are both in our prayers. Glad you found out about the clot and got it taken care of. Thinking of ways I might be able to help. Let me think on it and see what we can do. Hugs and prayers.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Surely they arent going to have u taske over his duties too, emergency health care should be taken into consideration. Was going to text you this morning buut didnt know how late you were at the hospital last night.I'm sure the hospital will work with you on the bill. even with insurance some of mine have been bad and hospitals have worked with me on getting them paid over time. Odd how things work out, my son was texting his cousin about the amount of time to boil an egg but accidently hit the group he had sent email to after my cardiac procedure, so about 15 people got a call for help in boiling an egg to dye for Easter. Tell Len we are sending him our prayers

kristine barr said...

Ask the hospital to give you the lowest rate that they would give insurance companies. Of course you can ask also if they have a payment plan.

Rick Doyle said...

So thankful that Len is alright and is being treated for the blood clot.

This is just one more sad example of why I am so thankful for our Canadian Universal Health Care System. We never have to worry about the cost when it comes to hospital or any other medical treatments.

Hope Len is able to get out of the hospital soon.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

So sorry to hear about these problems. At least Len is going to be okay. Perhaps the best thing about health insurance is the way they never pay the facility any wheres near what they ask. Perhaps finding a agent that can do that negotiation for you would save huge sums of money.

Anneke recently had procedures that were billed at over 30K and then settled for less than 10K because of what the insurance would allow. So don't think of the bills as final.

Jessica and Harry said...

So sorry to hear that Len is in the hospital, but thank God they found the blood clot before anything worse happened.

Harry and I are keeping you and Len in our thoughts and prayers.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Phyllis...Paul and I are sick at hearing this news. We are so sorry that Len had to be admitted to the hospital.

One of our friends did gate guard duty and they told us that there are others who could fill in if there was an emergency. I hope that is the same in your case.

Please know you two are in our prayers. We will pray on this glorious day to our Risen Lord for complete healing for Len. He will work this out for you!

Judy and Emma said...

That truly is a bummer. Hope Len heals quickly, and something can be worked out with the medical folks.

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Phyllis, is it a not-for-profit hospital? The one I used here is and had policies in place, including massive percentage discounts, for those without health insurance. Thankfully I have insurance, but am telling you so you can check that out. There are foundations to help cancer patients with financial issues, so perhaps there are some for general medical conditions, too. At least talk with the hospital about discounts, payment plans, etc. Our (Dave and I) hearts go out to you both for the health issues, the change of plans and the financial issues. If you need research for financial help, locating NOMADS to help with the rig, etc. Let me know. Love you both!

Phil and Rudee said...

Rudee and I will keep you guys in our prayers. As far as the bill is concerned, negotiate, negotiate and negotiate some more plus there is help out there and the hospital should be able to provide you with some of those options.


Donna K said...

Been following your updates on FB but wanted to agree with the others here and encourage you to negotiate that hospital bill. But that can come after Len is finished with treatment and is out of the hospital. Don't even think about the bill right now. Hugs and prayers.

Jerry/Carol said...

Phyllis, Carol and I are praying you through this. Your spirit is good. As difficulty as this seems, God will carry you through. When you get past this, you will be able to see how God worked.

Peggy n David said...

Phyllis - David and I are praying for you and Len - as far as the bill goes, do not concern yourself with it until he is out. I would go to the social worker at the hospital with the ER bill and explain your circumstances. They WILL work with you. Ask for the lowest possible bill - and ask for a discount if you pay in full within 30 days. They should be able to cut at least 40% off!

Our prayers are with you both.

Laurie and George said...

I did see on FB that you are getting help at the gate. Huge prayers went out for Len and you today. I know the Lord will help, both with the clot and the bill.

Elaine said...

bless you both..how very sad...glad you got the gate covered...your both in our prayers...our daughter lives in MS..and her hubby had a small surgery and she dickered with them and got the bill down to manageable payments...the bill was over 20k and they settled for around 7...good luck hon

JO said...

I am so sorry to hear this news. I will keep Len in my thoughts for a quick recovery. I'm so glad you made him go in.
Like you said your not going to worry about it right now just worry about Len. You will figure out how to get to get this paid.

When Len is better you must learn how to handle the 5er. I know lots of women who can't do this. But I agree driving all those miles in a day? Not me either.2-3hrs is my limit.