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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Got a new attitude

Hunstville, TX.

I am sitting here at the hospital while Len finally getS some sleep.   He's been On blood thinners since Saturday but the counts keep moving up and down. Meaning blood is TOO think, blood is TOO thin.   They need to stabilize before he is released.   In addition, he now has a gout flare up on the left foot. It kept him awake most of the night.    This is the leg with the blood clot.   On a good note the swelling caused by the clot has gone down considerably. 

All my life I have been frugal with money.  I've never paid a bill late and would do without before my creditors would wait.    I've never been a person to be careless with how I've spent.   

We knew we were taking a chance having no medical insurance on Leonard.   We were on the road three months before he was denied the insurance.  We attempted three times to get him covered.  We considered going off the road and hoping he could be rehired with his old job at New Jersey Department of Corrections.   But decided to plow ahead.

Now faced with this situation - did we make the right choice?    At one time I would have worried myself to death about the huge bill we will be presented with.    Not now.   We will pay what we can and continue to enjoy our time together.  I am putting my faith in God and I feel strangely at peace.

In fact, it is almost a relief now that this has actually happened.  (not saying I am glad it did) What I am saying is I don't have to worry anymore about it happening.  It has.  Does that make sense?

Having worked for 30 plus years in Human Resources and knowing how insurance works, I have the power of knowledge.   I know that insurance companies get HUGE discounts.   I will fight to get everything discount that we can.   I will insist on an itemized bill.   We will pay as best we can and continue to  travel.  We have a lot yet to see!

So, now our focus is on getting him stabilized so we can get on with our lives.   Gate Guards have sent a replacement man to guard while Len is in hospital.  Means we are off the payroll but that's okay - we are not paying for a campground and using their generator and fuel.    Once Len gets released we will be back to work.

There is a crew working there now that only works during the day running lines.  (whatever that means).   They should be done by Friday.  The fracking crew does not come until around the 16th.  However, we are still scheduled to be there and will get paid even though there will be none or very little traffic coming in or out.   Sounds like a nice restful time.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers and phone calls.  You people are the greatest!


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Putting your faith in God is the only way you can handle this unfortunate situation. He will take care of you two!

Glad Len is still getting the best of care. There is nothing that can be done about the lack of insurance. I am so happy to hear you are keeping a positive attitude and looking for ways to handle this situation.

Keeping you both in our prayers.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We have been thinking about you guys.

Glad Len is getting good care and your at peace with it thats a good thing. Hang in there prayers coming your way.

Carol Kerr said...

I've been thinking about you guys. Kevin was trying to figure out a way that he could come down from Missouri to help you out for at least a few weeks. Glad to hear it doesn't sound like that will be necessary.

Besides all the things you mentioned I would also talk to the financial dept at the hospital. Be candid that you do not have insurance, are on a fixed income and there is no possible way you can pay the entire bill. I know folks who received substantial discounts by doing that and also were able to set up a minimal payment plan so that there was no negative report on their credit.

Love and hugs to both of you!

owensontheroad said...

There are so many people out there with no insurance. I DO know what you mean about feeling at peace with it. Hoping Len gets stabilized soon!

Donna K said...

I am glad you are feeling more at peace. Trusting God is the only answer. The important thing is that Len is getting the care he needs. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

JO said...

I'm glad you have this outlook, fretting will not change the bill only make you sick too. Hope they get Len stable so you both can move on. I will keep in my deepest thoughts.

Donna W. said...

Being the same way with money and bills I understand you completely. even w/ insurance have wound up w/some substanial amounts to pay the hospital..I just told them I have X amount I can pay you each month, when they asked for more told them its that or nothing your choice, and of course they took my terms. As you said being in HR you probably know more about insurance than 90% of us. And it does make sense that you are ok with situation, your fears came true and the two of you came through it.As much as you two have done for other people, complete strangers yet, God will make sure you come through all of this.
Love ya both.

Anonymous said...
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MargieAnne said...

I'm so sorry you have this set back right now. I do understand your sense of relief. That's how we felt after Greg, one of our sons, crashed his motorbike and became a paraplegic. The big accident had happened and he was alive.

You'll enjoy the shorter drive days too.

God has a way of seeing us through these times even when the going is hard.


Ali Workentin said...

Your post is very encouraging to me :) I have wondered, no worried, about what we would do in a major health crisis and have faced one major medical issue - my cataract surgery in 2011...luckily we had the money in savings to pay the $9000 bill but we too asked for and demanded we get discounts and we did but it meant a lot of pushing the issue.

Praying that Len gets released soon but not too soon and that you can get back to traveling and enjoying this life.