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Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting back to "normal?"

Huntsville,  TX

Yes, we are attempting to get things back to normal.(Whatever that is).    Leonard got home from the hospital yesterday.   He had blood tests earlier today and has an appointment at a clinic this afternoon for results.   His blood must be monitored on a continuing basis to determine it is neither too thick (more blood clots) or too thin (bleeding).

In addition he is suffering a flare up of gout.   Yesterday both feet were very painful.  Today the right foot is much better and the left is improving.  He walks slowly with the help on a cane.

Our substitute gate guard pulled out this morning so it's me doing the logging in and out.  Fortunately at this time there is only day work being done back there and Leonard is able to drive himself for his appointments.  The workers arrive around 7 and leave late afternoon. Not sure if anyone will be working over the weekend.

Looking outside we see the activity of new families.   This fellow and his mate are often heard and in view.

On the way to town we've been admiring this beautiful sight.

And we are seeing more and more of these sweet things, newly born.

Okay, you Texans - how many of you know who this is?????


Texas Yellow Rose said...

That's General Sam Houston watching over Interstate 45 near Huntsville, Huntsville State Park and Sam Houston State University! Whoohoo! I used to live in Conroe when I worked in The Woodlands waaaay back in the early 1980s. Have passed that familiar landmark hundreds of times! So glad Len is home and ya'll are self-sufficient again! Thanks for the photos of "home"! Love you guys!

Donna W. said...

Glad to hear Len can get around a little. Hope you dont have to work the weekend...you've been through a rough week and need to unwind.

Carol said...

Glad to hear Len is back home and things are getting back to "normal." Take care of each other!

Judy and Emma said...

Hope this is just a minor bump in the road. I agree that you deserve the weekend off.

where's weaver said...

You answered the question I asked I the email. So very glad Len is home and improving every day. How wonderful it is for him to be able to drive to the appointments. I will continue to keep him in my prayers till he is fully recovered.

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Jessica and Harry said...

Glad to hear that Len is back home and that things are getting better. Hope that gout clears up soon too, and that Len is feeling more back to himself very soon!

Alice Workentin said...

Glad you are back home and that you only have day work for a little bit. I believe that the statue is Sam Houston. Have a great weekend.

JO said...

So glad Len is home and doing better. And at least for the time being it isn't 24/7 shifts.
I love all pretty colts. I saw lots of black angus calves today on my way home.

Rick Doyle said...

Great to hear Len is out of the hospital and feeling a bit better. Those clots are nasty scares for sure.

Donna K said...

Hope Len continues to improve and his blood levels even out. Take care.