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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back at the gate.

Huntsville,  TX

Here we are back into a routine.    There was no traffic at all coming through the gate over the weekend.

Leonard is getting around much better now.    His gout in one foot is about gone, the other still somewhat sore but much improved.     For a few days he walked using a cane and really looked like at old(er) man.  No cane the last two days.  There is no more swelling of the leg with the blood clot.

On Sunday he had blood tests at the hospital   On Monday he returned to the doctor's office for results   We can not say enough good about this medical practice.  Realizing he has no medical  insurance at the first visit they discounted the fee from $160 to $92.   Then on Monday the doctor told him to walk right on out the door past the financial clerk.   She also told him in the future when he goes for weekly blood work they will call him with the results of the blood tests and adjust the blood thinner meds if need be.  No more appointments in their office.  Of course there is still the fee for the blood work done at the hospital.  But how cool is that doctor!

Traffic to the oil rig started again before 7 on Monday but all workers leave by 5.    It is raining hard today and the last worker left a short time ago - around 2.   This morning I went to town and got caught up on laundry.   Len held down the fort back here.    How we wish we could both leave the site at the same time but that is not the deal.   At least this schedule means we both get to sleep at night.  For that we are grateful.

Texas in April

We can not thank all our friends and family enough for the kind words, phone calls, text messages and emails  and especially their prayers.    Life is good.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

What goes around comes around. All the good you guys do for others.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What wonderful news. So very happy Len is feeling better. How understanding the doctor is. So glad he is getting such good care.

JO said...

This is great news for sure. Really nice Dr. you found that was great luck too.
Wishing Len a speedy recover.

Laurie and George said...

God sends great people into our lives..including doctors! Glad to hear Len is doing better!

Donna W. said...

Glad len is better and you have more financial peace of mind. The cardiologist I had for my 1st surgery knew I had limited resources and he told me he would take whatever the insurance paid him. he said "I do this because I love it and not to become wealthy"
and I never did see a bill from him. There are some goods ones out there that care more about their patience and profession than the big $$ that come with it. Glad you also found one.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news all the way around.

Judy H. (Cat Lady)