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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making a small change

Hunstville, TX

Sitting here for these weeks we are looking for something to do beside read, sleep, play on Internet, watch TV, read, sleep, .......

When we've been stationary for more than a few days, we've put family pictures on our slides.  Sometimes one would fall and we've even had broken glass from a few frames.  So we've talked about adding quarter rounds which would give the frames something more to secure them.   Sitting here seemed like a good time to do that.

The other day Len got the quarter rounds at the local Home Depot.   It took him only a few minutes to cut and nail them in place.  They were already stained.  It is a close enough match.

Before --- over the entertainment/fireplace slide.


The long side slide over the dining table and recliners before:

And with pictures after:

He also put quarter round on the kitchen slide over the fridge, stove, pantry and microwave.   No pictures taken, only one family picture sitting there.

We have most of our picture albums in our storage trailer but wanted some picutres in view.  Leonard is one of 10 children, I have a brother and sister.    We have 5 children (2 from my first marriage, 3 from his).  We are proud to have 14 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.    We display pictures of our parents, siblings, kids, grandkids and greats.  WHEW!

One project done, now what to do.   I know -  read, play on the Internet, sleep, watch TV.  


owensontheroad said...

Great idea! We hsve a digital picture frame, but I need to load some pictures on an SD csrd now :-)

JO said...

Nice touch when living full time. Keep everyone close by.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What a wonderful idea. Looks so homey.

We, too, have digital frame that I promised myself I would keep up to date. So far I have kept my promise.

Elaine said...

digital frames are the best...for sure..I have the kids pics plastered around our big mirror....with no frames...