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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In a better place

Sulphur,  LA

FINALLY - after two a  half months we have moved.   We asked to be relived of our gate guards duties effective Monday, May 6.  Our contact asked if we would mind leaving on May 5 instead as our replacements were paid at their campground only until that day.  No problem.

As they were 4 hours away we figured they would leave around 9 so would arrive no later than 1 pm.  When it got to be 1:30 Leonard called them.  They said they had things to do in the morning so had just left. OUCH!   We were not happy.  We so wanted to leave early in the afternoon because we, too, had a 4 hour drive ahead of us.

Around 3:30 we decided to hook up and get moved around so to allow them to pull right into the site.  Shucks, a problem.    The landing gear would not retract.  Len tried and tried using the electrical system.   Finally he had to raise the gear and then set the Kingpin manually.   No easy task.

At last our replacement arrived at 4:45.  After relaying information we got on the road a few short minutes later.

We arrived at A+ RV Park at 8:45 and partially set up in the dark.  Electric and water only, the rest could wait til morning.    We have stayed at this park in the past.   It is clean with adequate sites and each with a grill and table on concrete slabs.   There is even a catch and release pond.

This park is usually almost filled to capacity.  Therefore, there is an expansion in process.

One of the first things done on Monday was to get the truck washed.  Sitting 11 weeks 8 feet from a dusty driveway took it's toll.

Before the wash:

And after:

Later that day we visited with Len's brother Royce and wife Susie.  Plans were made to meet for dinner tonight.

Yesterday Len worked on the landing gear issue.   He was not able to get the gear to work with the switches but it does work with the remote.  More work to be done.  Later we visited our good friends Diana and Teaux.  

So here we are until the last week of the month.  Not sure which day we leave.   Not worried about it.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Glad to hear all things are well..

Judy and Emma said...

Glad you finally able to get out of there. Good luck with the RV problem.

Laurie and George said...

Bet you are happy to get outta there and shake the dust off. Quick, find a restaurant!

JO said...

Finally! I bet Len was happy to get the truck cleaned. Now to fix he landing gear.
Enjoy you dinner.

Rick Doyle said...

Don't you just hate inconsiderate people?

That landing gear problem is strange given the remote works. Must be a switch problem, I guess.