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Thursday, May 16, 2013

We fell in love....

Sulphur,  LA

While here at A+ RV Park we noticed three fifth wheels that we REALLY liked from the outside.  We never heard of Redwood RVs but saw they were all bought in a town in Louisiana.  I checked it out and found the town was about 90 miles away.  So having nothing to do yesterday we took a ride for a look/see.

Yea, we fell in LOVE with Redwood Fifth wheels.   Redwood is a division of  Thor Industries out of Indiana and have been making these RVs only since 2010.  What beauties inside and out.

The model we liked best was the 36FB.    The living area:

The kitchen:

Double door fridges with even an ice maker.  Heaven!   Lots of storage all around.   Just look at this.  In one closet there is an electrical outlet for coffee pots, toaster, etc.

The bedroom:

One closet is cedar lined.   In addition there is another large closet in the room and a dresser with four large drawers and overhead cabinets over the dresser.  LOTS OF STORAGE.   In addition a closet for washer/dryer.   The walk in closet.  In the plastic are two additional dining chairs.   They fold down for when not in use.

The shower is huge:

This rig has so many upgrades.  Dual pane windows which we really wish we had.  Larger TV in living area. A full Hide-a-Bed sofa instead on the airbag mattress we now have in a much shorter sofa.  Larger fresh water capacity.  TWO awnings.  Water filtration system.   No ugly day/night shades.  Keyless entry.  Automatic leveling system.  Quick recovery water heater system.   The list goes on and on.  Truly a magnificent rig.

Len liked this floor plan - I didn't it.  A front living area.

So, bottom line - NO we are not trading up.   They made us an offer.   OUCH!  With our trade in of the Montana it would be almost $50,000.   The Montana is paid for and comfortable enough.   But we can dream, can't we?    BTW, buying some lottery tickets today.


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Well, I see the spam critters are out again. This is the second blog today that has a nonsensical reply. Have you turned of Anonymous comments? I did and that put a stop to it.

About the Redwood . . . oh my! Yes, beautiful! Like you, our Monty is paid for and comfy. Plus, we know "where it's been," - what's gone wrong, what's been replaced, etc. and we know it's a solid rig. Not sure I'd like to go through the breaking-in process all over. Sure is nice to dream, though, isn't it, and they sure are "purty." :)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Dreaming is always fun:)

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh dear...don't we all love to dream?

Rick said...

It's always fun to go and kick the tires on a few new rigs to see what's there.

Nice looking rigs.

Anonymous said...

When we were between jobs back in October, Carol and I went to Camping World so I could buy parts to repair a leaky shower faucet. Next thing I know we are walking out with a contract on our motor home.
Moral of the story.
1. Keep 'between job' times to a minimum.
2. If it is necessary to go to RV store for parts, remember the objective PARTS.
PS It is OK to window shop if you are looking for new ideas for a comfortable PAID home.
Glad you guys had a chance to look at eye candy.

Allan and Jeanne said...

Nice looking rig. I agree a paid for one has more pros than cons.

JO said...

I was wondering what that front living room would look like. I saw an add for them but it didn't have a picture just a blue print.

Yes it's nice to dream. I have lots of dreams I can't afford to
bring forth. haha

owensontheroad said...

There were a couple of the Redwood fifth wheels in the park where we were working. They are very nice inside, and outside. I'm with you though, we like our Montana :)