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Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting ready

White Hall, MD

On Friday night we drove down to older daughter's house in Maryland.   That evening was the Winter Carnival at Charlotte's school.     There were many activities including making Christmas decorations:

Saturday morning was Breakfast with Santa at a nearby United Methodist church.   Charlotte loves Santa.

Abby not so much.   She doesn't like his Red Suit.   She doesn't like his beard.  She doesn't like his mustache. It's not only Santa, it's ANY person in an animal costume.  No Easter Bunny, no Mickey Mouse, no Elmo.  She will have nothing to do with any them.    But she makes sure Charlotte relays to Santa what she wants.   Trying on Grandpop's hat.

After breakfast it was to a local tree farm to find the perfect tree.    I wish I could have had a ride like these two while trudging down the hill and back up through the snow.

Ah ha - the perfect tree.

Back at the house, Mom and Dad hung the lights.

While children waited patiently.   (yea, sure)

So they could do the real decorating.

And a fine job they did.

Wishing each of you peace and contentment during these busy days of preparation.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sure looks like the excitement is building:)

Jerry / Carol said...

The joy of making Christmas memories. Enjoy your family time.

where's weaver said...

Those two girls are so precious. Such cuties!

Laurel Owen said...

My son was the same way. He was terrified of anything in costume! Even Sesame Street characters. Finally grew out of it :-)
Merry Christmas to you and Len too!

Nan Talley said...

A fun time for the kiddos! Memories are precious.

Donna W. said...

decorating tree was always top priority for me when I was a kid. Mom and Dad learned not to buy a tree on a Sunday, because I was suddenly sick on Monday and couldnt go to school. of course i was well enough to decorate the tree