January 20 to February 14, 2014 NOMADS Project, Mercedes, MS

February 15 (Approximately) to June - Gate Guarding, TX or LA.

June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The last few days....

Moss Point,  MS

Not having blogged for a few, this is what we've done.

Spent time "just being" at A+ RV Park in Sulphur, LA.   We did go to Houston last Friday night and visited with daughter Djuana and her family.   Came back to campground on Saturday night.  Nice visit.

On Sunday we went to church and later in the day to Len's brother and sis-in-laws (Royce and Susie) for a yard party.  One of Len's sisters was there and his 4 brothers.  Also some nieces and nephews and relatives of Susie.

Three of Len's brothers and a sister-in-law:

Another sister-in-law and a grand niece:

Sister Sissy and her daughter Maggie.  In the background in the purple, sister-in-law Susie.

On Monday we had dinner at our friends Diana and Teaux's house.  Diana always puts on quite the spread.

It's been great visiting with our southern family and friends for the last 3+ weeks.  But time to move on.

This morning we left Sulphur at 8:30 and drove the 313 miles to Moss Point, MS arriving at 2:15.   I insisted that we stop twice for Leonard to walk around.   No more blood clots please!

First stop was at the Atchafalaya Basin  rest area on I10 in Louisiana.

Passing through Baton Rouge, the State Capital building.

Next stop was at the Mississippi Welcome Center where they have hot coffee for those who stop there.

Only being here in Moss Point for two nights, we are staying at Caswell Springs United Methodist church where we did a NOMADS project last year.    We got set up and then decided to get some BBQ.

When we were here last year, blogger Judy was volunteering at the Mississippi Sand hill Crane NWR.   We toured the refuge and she recommended The Shed.  Our group took her up on her suggestion and ate there. The very next night the place burned to the ground.    They re-opened only a week later for BBQ.   I didn't think I wanted any as it would probably be REALLY well done.

So today back we went.   The place looks little like it did except it is still quite unique.  Should it burn again tomorrow, I promise never to return.

Don't expect anything fancy.   The floor is stones.   The windows are almost none existent. The seating is rugged.  But the food is great.   I had the regular combo of two meats and two sides.  I chose pulled pork and brisket.  For sides I had sweet potato casserole and collards.   Len also had the pulled pork and brisket but the larger order.  He choose potato salad and beans.  The meals come with sliced onion, pickles and two large rolls.  We have enough brisket left for sandwiches later.

After eating we surprised our friends Gaye and Mac.  They did not expect us until tomorrow.   After a short visit we've returned to our "home" with plans to spend more time with them tomorrow.

Life is good!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

We fell in love....

Sulphur,  LA

While here at A+ RV Park we noticed three fifth wheels that we REALLY liked from the outside.  We never heard of Redwood RVs but saw they were all bought in a town in Louisiana.  I checked it out and found the town was about 90 miles away.  So having nothing to do yesterday we took a ride for a look/see.

Yea, we fell in LOVE with Redwood Fifth wheels.   Redwood is a division of  Thor Industries out of Indiana and have been making these RVs only since 2010.  What beauties inside and out.

The model we liked best was the 36FB.    The living area:

The kitchen:

Double door fridges with even an ice maker.  Heaven!   Lots of storage all around.   Just look at this.  In one closet there is an electrical outlet for coffee pots, toaster, etc.

The bedroom:

One closet is cedar lined.   In addition there is another large closet in the room and a dresser with four large drawers and overhead cabinets over the dresser.  LOTS OF STORAGE.   In addition a closet for washer/dryer.   The walk in closet.  In the plastic are two additional dining chairs.   They fold down for when not in use.

The shower is huge:

This rig has so many upgrades.  Dual pane windows which we really wish we had.  Larger TV in living area. A full Hide-a-Bed sofa instead on the airbag mattress we now have in a much shorter sofa.  Larger fresh water capacity.  TWO awnings.  Water filtration system.   No ugly day/night shades.  Keyless entry.  Automatic leveling system.  Quick recovery water heater system.   The list goes on and on.  Truly a magnificent rig.

Len liked this floor plan - I didn't it.  A front living area.

So, bottom line - NO we are not trading up.   They made us an offer.   OUCH!  With our trade in of the Montana it would be almost $50,000.   The Montana is paid for and comfortable enough.   But we can dream, can't we?    BTW, buying some lottery tickets today.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Caught in the rain in Shangri La

Sulphur,  LA

Last night it stormed.  We had thunder, lightening, heavy rain and hail.   Was afraid there might be damage but luckily was none.   By mid morning it looked like the rains had moved out so we decided to do some touring.

About 22 miles away in Orange, TX is Shangri La Gardens.

 These gardens were started in the 1930's by a Mr. Stark and family who owned the property.  He started opening the gardens to the public in the 1950's.

Admission for general public is only $6.00/ $5.00 for seniors.

There are a two hot houses, a gift shop, an indoor exhibit of the history of the garden, a learning center and a small cafe.    It takes at least an hour to leisurely walk the paths.

I found this flower most beautiful:

There is a large natural pond home to a variety of nesting birds.

And another man-made pond called Blue Moon Pond.

One of the walking paths:

One of several sculptures:

View of a hot house.  We saw turtles and a too large snake in this area.    (Len believes ANY snake is too large.)

We were there only about an hour when thunder burst and the skies opened up again.   They gave us ponchos at the gift shop.   Doesn't Leonard look spiffy?

The rain came down in torrents flooding the walkways and parking lot.

We even got alerts on both our phones warning of flash flooding in the area.    It was about 1/4 mile to the parking lot.  By the time we got there we were soaked from the knees down.   My jeans could have been wrung out and my tennis shoes did nothing to keep my feet dry.   Too bad, we would have loved to have stayed longer.   Maybe another day.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In a better place

Sulphur,  LA

FINALLY - after two a  half months we have moved.   We asked to be relived of our gate guards duties effective Monday, May 6.  Our contact asked if we would mind leaving on May 5 instead as our replacements were paid at their campground only until that day.  No problem.

As they were 4 hours away we figured they would leave around 9 so would arrive no later than 1 pm.  When it got to be 1:30 Leonard called them.  They said they had things to do in the morning so had just left. OUCH!   We were not happy.  We so wanted to leave early in the afternoon because we, too, had a 4 hour drive ahead of us.

Around 3:30 we decided to hook up and get moved around so to allow them to pull right into the site.  Shucks, a problem.    The landing gear would not retract.  Len tried and tried using the electrical system.   Finally he had to raise the gear and then set the Kingpin manually.   No easy task.

At last our replacement arrived at 4:45.  After relaying information we got on the road a few short minutes later.

We arrived at A+ RV Park at 8:45 and partially set up in the dark.  Electric and water only, the rest could wait til morning.    We have stayed at this park in the past.   It is clean with adequate sites and each with a grill and table on concrete slabs.   There is even a catch and release pond.

This park is usually almost filled to capacity.  Therefore, there is an expansion in process.

One of the first things done on Monday was to get the truck washed.  Sitting 11 weeks 8 feet from a dusty driveway took it's toll.

Before the wash:

And after:

Later that day we visited with Len's brother Royce and wife Susie.  Plans were made to meet for dinner tonight.

Yesterday Len worked on the landing gear issue.   He was not able to get the gear to work with the switches but it does work with the remote.  More work to be done.  Later we visited our good friends Diana and Teaux.  

So here we are until the last week of the month.  Not sure which day we leave.   Not worried about it.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

They are gone and so are we (almost)

Huntsville,   TX

The family living on one of our slide rails have flown the nest.  

We requested replacements here for our gate guard assignment.  We want back on the road.  We asked that Monday be our last day.  Yesterday we got a call from the area supervisor asking if we would leave on Sunday instead.  Our replacements are paid up at their current campground until Saturday night and would like to take over on Sunday.   Good with us!

So today we will do a few pick-ups and arranging.   This rig needs a good cleaning inside and out.  The out will have to wait.  But since there is very little traffic on the dusty driveway now, we will get started on the inside.

Len is cleaning the inside of the truck now.   The outside is really dirty.  Once we get to our destination that will be handled too.

So tomorrow when our replacements arrive we will take off for the short 160 mile ride to Sulphur, LA where we will be staying on A+ Campground until May 28.   We've stayed at the campground before and have been impressed with it.

I tend to be on the thrifty (cheap) side.   As much as I want to get on the road again, I get a pit in my stomach thinking about spending money again.  Money on campgrounds, diesel, an occasional dinner or lunch out, etc.etc.   These are things we did not do while sitting idle and actually MAKING money instead of spending it.   But somehow I think I will adjust!  Oh yea.

Looking forward to tomorrow!