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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eat way too much

Our church assists at a local Drug/Alcohol Rehab center. They have a residence facility for mothers and their children who may live there up to one year. One Saturday a month they prepare a special dinner for these residents. Members of our church assist by setting tables, clearing tables, serving salad and dessert. Then we get to eat!

Tonight it was flounder stuffed with crab imperial, cajun ribsteak, rosemary potatoes, mac and cheese, whipped yams, salad, freshrolls, corn bread, broccoli rabe with roasted red peppers. Appetizers were cheese and crackers, pepperoni and grapes. For dessert -chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. I am so glad this is just once a month. I am in misery.

It has rained almost constantly here for the last month and a half. Today was no different. Some times during the day the sun shone bright while the rains poured down.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. We will be going out to dinner with Terri and Steve.

We are looking at putting new tires on the F250. Sears has a special sale next week. We will check them out for sure. Also, Len can not fugure out how to install the surge protector we at one time had on the Cedar Creek. He called a local RV repairer yesterday but he has not returned the call yet. People who fulltime say they would not have an RV without a surge protector.

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