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Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Louisiana and back...

We received a call from Len's family last Saturday, June 6 that his favorite uncle, Joe, was on life support following a heart attack. Within 2 hours we were packed and on the road. We arrived in Vinton, LA Sunday night around 7:30. We visited at the hospital Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Joe was unresponsive and still on support.

While in Louisiana we spent time with Lens mom, sister Pet, brother Myron and brother and sister-in-law Royce and Susie. Shortly after we left headed home on Thursday we got the call that Uncle Joe had died.

Also in the area were Joe and Sherri, a couple who posts on RV-Dreams. I contacted Joe and we met for dinner one night. What a great couple. Joe recently retired and they are now fulltimers.

Our 20th wedding anniversary was on June 10 while we were gone. We had made plans to renew our wedding vows. Of course, that did not happen. We will discuss at another time when we will do this.

A blessed event also happened on June 10. Abigail Claire Emory was born to daughter Amy and son-in-law Scott. Beautiful Charlotte now has a baby sister.

We arrived back home today after keeping an appoinment in Gettysburg Pa to listen to a sales pitch for a membership campground. No thanks but we will accept the 40 days free camping in exchange for listening, thank you very much.

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