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Sunday, January 31, 2010

If it ain't one thing, it's another!

Dinner at Charlie Browns. Starting on the left is my sister Debbie and then our mother celebrating her 85th. Leonard with arms folded and ever-present hat. Next to Len, our friend Richie and his wife Billie Ann. In red shirts sister-in-law Nora and then brother Norman.

Abigail at 7 months, Charlotte at 3 1/2

We had a great Friday afternoon, night and Saturday morning. We met Amy at the Goddard School on Friday and got both girls This is the first time we've had Abby for overnight. It was a treat for all of us. We then met Amy and Scott at our usual meeting point midway between our homes on Saturday at 2 to return the girls to their parents. This is the very hardest part of fulltiming, not seeing the girls as often as we would want. If things go as planned I will be flying back for a few days in March while Len works and we will both return for more than a month around June 7.

It had started to snow when we left home and it got progessively worse as we drove. By the time we got back home around 3:30 we had at least 3 inches of the white stuff. Looks like total accumulation around 5 inches.

We had made plans with my sister Debbie, brother Norm and sister-in-law Nora to take our Mom out for dinner to celebrate her 85th birthday that is on February 5. Even with the roads getting worse we decided it was a go. Our friends Billie Ann and Richie joined our group. The restaurant is about 45 miles from where we are living. It took over an hour and a half to get there. (The steaks were well worth the drive!) Some people REALLY need to stay off the road when it snows. Many times we were behind people driving 15-20 MPH. Yes, the roads were bad, but nowhere near that bad.

However, the roads are bad enough to once more delay our take off to fulltime travel. And the weather is even worse in the direction we are headed - Va and the Carolinas. So here we sit, waiting for snow and ice to melt. It is only 14 out now, expected high at 31.

To make matters even worse, before we went to dinner last night we decided to retract the 4 slides to keep snow off the slide toppers. Well, what to do you know! The slides will not retract. The dealer is closed today. One more issue to resolve. Our rig is only 11 months old. We have lived in it since purchase. The last time we retracted the slides was in September and had no problem. I have posted the problem on the Montana Owners forum. Hopefully, someone there might have a suggestion. Yea, if it's ain't one thing, it's another.


Peggy n David said...

Oh Phyllis, I was so hoping to see a blog that you were on the road!!! Darn it, the weather is determined to keep you from the good stuff in the south!!!

I'll send up a prayer my friend.

Your grand daughters are adorable!

Margie M. said...

Oh heck, Phyllis. I'm so sorry that your plans are again delayed. You know it's bound to happen one of these days soon!

I'll check back again for the next post. Good luck.