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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Nevada. Nevada, MO that is!

Well here we are. I finally have time to catch up on a few blogs and drop in few lines myself.

First a huge thank you for all the words of encouragement. I also welcome new friends to this blog. Margie Anne, Sam and Donna and Happytrails. I am so pleased to see you here.

Now for the lastest. We got our SD drivers licenses this morning and started heading back to Hooks, TX where the rig was to be fixed. Len talked to the RV dealership where we left the rig. There have been some changes in staff there and now the manager says they can not get to our problem for 3 to 4 MONTHS! We can not be homeless for that long.

Earl from the RV repair department tells us they can seal the unit so it is livable until new parts arrive and repairs done. However, we still do not want to stay in this area for those months. Len asked if the repairs will hold if we drive to NJ and take our fiver to the dealer where it was purchased.

Our plan had been to leave for NJ after completing our business in SD anyway. Len has a temporary job waiting there for about 6 to 8 weeks. We both are missing our granddaughters in Maryland too.

I talked to our insurance adjustor and he is agreeable we can have work done at Scott Motorcoach in Lakewood NJ. Len called Scott and made arrangments for the technician in Texas to FAX Lakewood what needs to be ordered.

We have less than 400 miles to drive tomorrow to get to Hooks Tx. However, we don't expect the rig to be ready until Thursday. We will pick it up and head north. Should be at my daughters up there sometime Saturday.

So if you are driving I30, I40, I81, I70 or I95 between Texas and Delaware/NJ border over the weekend and see a 2009 Montana Fifthwheel being held together by chewing gum, duct tape, staples and a prayer towed by a 2006 F250 blue and gray super duty, give us a shout out!


Ali Workentin said...

Glad that things are turning the corner for you. Keep us posted on how your days go. Glad the RV place can seal it so you can drive it and stay in it while traveling to NJ.

Have a safe trip.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Wow I hope they can secure that back end so it won't vibrate and get a lot worse, traveling that distance will reallu bounce the heck out of it, I guess you will travel from Texas north to I-55 and then I-70 to NJ. Keep us posted, we will pray for a safe trip. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Karon said...

Are you coming through Little Rock. Check out the WW thread to see where I am. Maybe this could be a stopover for you. Would love to meet you.

Hugs, K