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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sometimes the hits just keep coming. We left Louisiana today headed to South Dakota to get our drivers license. We were in Northeast Texas in the town of Mt. Pleasant. We needed diesel. We pulled into a station and upon pulling into the lane, found the diesel hoses were bagged. No diesel. Len is a careful driver. However, this time he misjudged the distance. Upon pulling out of the narrow lane, he caught the right rear of our rig on the barrier.

Survey our damage. Needless to say our rig is unlivable.

You can actually see our living room from this slit. The whole back end of the rig is pulled away from the side. We are so glad it was not raining.

This happened about 1 pm on Saturday. We called our insurance agent in SD. She was not in the office but a co-worker contacted her and she called me. Gina was quite helpful even though she was about to leave on vacation to Florida.
What we did - we drove (slowly) about 50 miles to the nearest Montana dealer in Hooks, Texas. We got there at 3 right before closing. The manager reports it will take about two weeks to get the part and another week to fix our rig. He said he can seal it up and we can live in it until the part comes in. We left our rig at the dealer for the time being.
Our plan. We are now in Ada, OK headed to SD. We will drive up there in our truck, get our licenses probably on Tuesday and then return to Texas. We will have the dealer seal the rig which we will live in until the part comes in. Then we will have to move into a motel until the rig is fixed.
Sometimes we really have to wonder if we are meant to fulltime RV. Len is really sick about this and blames himself. Hey - it was an accident!
I can only imagine what our insurance company will do when faced with this claim. We signed on with them only 6 weeks ago.


Margie M. said...

Phyllis...you're right. That's why they are called "accidents". I'm so sorry about this new problem for you and Len. As for the insurance, even if they cancel you due to this (which they shouldn't) they are on the hook to at least pay out something on this claim. I'll pray for a good result from this situation. Please tell Len not to feel guilty, we all have problems like this from time to time. Hang in there you two troopers!!!

Myrddin said...

I know exactly how Len feels. I did almost the same thing to our previous MH. It's so easy to misjudge how far the back end will swing out when making a turn.

I not only tore up our MH, I tore up a parked SUV too. :-(


Jessica said...

Oh Phyllis, I am so sorry to hear of this latest setback! It must be so discouraging to be faced with this latest "hit". I am reminded of a quote that you are probably familiar with already - it is always darkest before the dawn. I hope that the sun will come out for you very soon!!

Pam said...

You're right.... stuff happens. It's a little longer getting fixed than if it happened in a huge city, but then, who likes to drive into big cities!!??? lol
If you or Len get discouraged about this, just look back and some of the GORGEOUS photos of places you've got to see and camp in!!! That ought to fix you right up SPIRITUALLY.!!!!

Happytrails said...

Please don't blame yourself. Margie is so right...accidents do happen. They happen to all of us and yes, they make us sick at the time but life goes on and you guys will be ok. Don't give up!! We will keep you in our prayers for a good result both from the insurance as well as the repair.

Take care,
Mike & Gerri (happytails)

Peggy n David said...

Oh my gosh - if it weren't for bad luck...I've said that many times in my life, but you get through it - and you will too!

Prayers continue for you my friends.

Ali said...

Hi Phyllis and Len

I popped over from Bruce & Margie's. So sorry to hear about the accident. I know how frustrating those types of things can be. We were supposed to make a trip to the East Coast last Fall but due to numerous problems we only made it as far as Montana the first time, Utah the second time and never made it to Georgia as planned. My husband felt really bad that we did not make the trip as we had both been so looking forward to it.

But we had to dust off our shoes and get back to living...hope you can do the same. Have a safe trip to SD and back to Texas. I too, hope the insurance company treats you fairly and that the repairs are made quickly and reasonably.

Karol said...

Phyllis and Len, I am so sorry about the accident. We all seem to be having setbacks in our lives. Keep on truckin. Things will get better.

Ira and Vicky said...

Phillis, accidents happen and just be thankful it was only property damage that can be repaired.

You are putting test to the saying "even the worst day Rving is better than the best day working."

Hang in there it will get better. Hopefully soon.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Yes , I drive Motor Coaches and you would be suprised how a guy can go years without putting a scratch on one and then have something such as what happened to you occur, Sometimes you just can't see that corner like you should and it only takes a second to make contact. Just be thankfull it was just material and not personal injury, You guys are safe that's whats important. I really don't think your insurance is in danger with just one claim, no matter how big or small it is. Most companies have hundreds of claims, so your is just one in the bucket. Relax and unstress. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

MargieAnne said...

Hi I came over from Sam & Donna's. So sorry to hear of this problem for you.

Do hope you can turn the delay into some fun. You need a few laughs after all you have gone through to get this far.

Jim and Dee said...

So sorry to hear of your incident. As someone who ran our brand new 1-month old fifth wheel off a corner and damaged the underside, I can relate. I felt terrible! But you know what? We got it fixed, and that sick feeling quickly went away. You guys will be fine. Don't let this discourage you from continuing to live your dream. Jim