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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A long drive then back "home"

A huge hello to Ali and to John who have joined us here on theeastsheadwest. Welcome to you both!

Wow! It was only one week ago today that we left Louisiana heading to South Dakota to get our drivers licenses, making complete our quest to domicile in SD. We really put on the miles in that week. Southeast Louisiana to SD, back to East Texas and on up to Southern NJ.

After our "mishap" only 5 hours on the road last week, we headed to SD with just our truck. I just unloaded a few pictures of that trip and realize I loaded the first one when I meant for it to be shown last. Know what? I am feeling just too dang lazy and tired to to it again. So here goes...

AFTER picking up the temporarily fixed rig in Texas on Wednesday we headed north. This is a picture I took crossing over the bridge from Arkansas into Memphia TN. Sure looks like a pyramid to me. Then I got to thinking - Memphis is a city in Egypt, home of the pyramids right? Can anyone fill me in on this pyramid in the city of Memphis, TN in the good old USA? I suppose I could google it. Again, right now - just too lazy and tiredFulltime RVers often use the expression they live as they do because they want to see what lies around the next bend. Well, no insult to those who live in Nebraska but this is what is to be seen around the next bend and the one after that and the one after that...........

From the left side of the car.
From the right side of the car.

The view from in front of the car.This was an interesting field somewhere along the Interstate between Mitchell and Sioux Falls, SD. What the heck?

I had heard about the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. It was in Mitchell that we got our drivers licenses. So, we followed the many signs to the Corn Palace. It is open free to the public to walk through. Sure glad it was FREE. If we had paid, I would have been steamed. I was told by a friend that it is not worth seeing. I tend to agree. The outside is decorated in corn and various grains, a different display each year. The original corn palace dates back to the 1880's as a way to attract visitors.
The outside was interesting, the inside nothing but a basketball court, small stage and lots of vendors hawking their goods. If you are in Mitchell, take a look. I can't see going out of your way for a visit. Hey, but that's me, you might enjoy it.

So, we were told our rig would be ready to roll with it being sealed up for travel either late Wednesday or early Thursday. We got back to the dealer in Hooks, TX about noon on Wednesday. It was ready and waiting. We were thrilled! Maybe our luck is changing?????
We were on the road by 3. We stopped at a rest area in Arkansas that night and then made it to a WalMart outside Roanoke VA Thursday night. We pulled into "home" Friday around noon.
We are so glad to be here. We are parked in our daughters and son-in-laws side yard. What a nice time of year. The house and property is surrounded on all sides by a nursery. The display is gorgeous.
We take the rig to Lakewood NJ on Monday where they will keep it for a few days to order parts and give estimate. We will stay in the house during those days. Then we will pick her up and live in it until it goes back for repair.
We expect to be in this area around two months. Len has a temp job and we want to spend lots of time with our Maryland granddaughters when at all possible. Life is good!


Margie M. said...

Hope the repairs go well....and quickly! It will be nice for you to be by the "grands" for a couple of months. Enjoy your time.

Ali said...

So glad you made it safely without any further problems. Hope the repairs go quickly and that the insurance comes through.

Enjoy your time with the granddaughters. That is the one thing we miss...not seeing our grandchildren while we are working/traveling with the carnival.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Glad to see you made it safely home, hopefully it won't be long and your 5th wheel will be good as new, two of Sam's sons live in the Brick Township area. Once we get on the road maybe you guys can give us some advice on a good campround in the Lakewood,Brick area so we will have a nice place to stay for a visit, Sam is from Pa. but he spent some time at Lakehurst NAS . If you want to PM us, our e-mail address is in the about us, on our blog. Have fun visiting, Be safe out there. San & Donna.