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Friday, August 20, 2010

Charlotte's Challenge

Exhausted while attending a weekend folk fest with parents

Dancing at our yard party August 2008

Our dear Granddaughter 4 year old Charlotte is now in the midst of a challenge, as are her devoted parents.    Since an infant she has had very dry skin - eczema, causing her to constantly scratch and be all around uncomfortable.    As she got older other health, and to a lesser extent, behavior problems became evident.    After Charlotte was examined by medical personnel and found to have allergies, it would have been easy for her parents to ignore the situation and just think these problems would go away with medication.  Instead they got busy researching.    (note: since they are both archaeologists, research is no stranger to them.)

Daughter Amy has extensively researched  online and in the library for answers.  Because of Charlotte's allergies,  they had to remove gluten (wheat, rye, oats, barley products), eggs and dairy from her diet.  Recently they also had to remove peanuts, tomato products, chocolate and apples.   She has shown alleriges to mold, some pollen and certain additives to soaps and shampoos. 

A few weeks ago we had her from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.  We noticed the back of her legs were getting redder and redder and more blotchy as the time went on.   By Sunday afternoon they were completely covered in red, sore hives.  Amy then had to become a detective. What is different?    AHA!   She had just turned four and went from a baby carseat to a booster seat.  The first day she used that seat was Saturday.  It must have been treated with Scotchgard or some such thing.  Covered it with a towel,  problem solved, no more red, itchy blotches.

In Amy's research she read a book by a physician in New York State.  His research shows a correlation between what he calls the 4-A's.     Asthma, allergies, ADHD and Autism.  He believes these problems stem from foods and chemcials added to the body.   Charlotte suffers from asthma too!   So, at last, maybe some answers as she has signs of all the above except Autism.   Amy contacted this doctor who refered her to an associate in Maryland, not far from their home.  

Now, for the challenge.  Charlotte will be going through a series of shots called LDA - Low dose allergens.  These shots are a combination of hundreds of known allergens which will be slowly introduced back into her little body.    The program could take up to 2 years or even longer.   

Charlotte is very good about her food restrictions.  Fortunately there are many alternatives available for people who must be gluten, egg or dairy free.   The biggest challenge is the food restrictions around her shots.  For the day before, the day of and the day after the shots she is allowed venison, lamb, rabbit, freshly caught fish, sea salt, white potatoes, yams, cooked carrots, cooked cabbage, parships, rhubard and rutabagas - that's it!  To drink - just filtered water.   Hey - try that diet on a 4-year old!    BUT - she had her first shot this week and did great!   She ate so many steamed baby carrots she says she has bunny breath!

It is suspected the problem came from when she was an infant and had Thrush which is an abundance of yeast in the body.  She was given antibiotics causing a reaction.     Wherever and whatever caused the problem, we are all optimistic that a solution has been found.   We look forward to the day when her eczema is gone and she can once again eat her favorites - pasta with tomato sauce and CHOCOLATE!

Charlotte and Abby with Great Grandmother, Edythe
And of course, she is allergic to CATS! This is a tough one.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We sure hope you found something to help her she is just to cute.

We will keep her in our prayers..

Happytrails said...

What a cutie!! I sure hope this information will prove to be the key to really help Charlotte.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

George said...

Phyllis,Bless your Granddaughter.Hopefully the shots will work. They did for me many years ago.