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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Storybook Land and other things.

Posing in front of the train......

So much as happened in the last week but first, this is the one good thing. Yesterday we took the girls to Storybook Land which is about 10 miles from Atlantic City. I used to take my own girls there many years ago. My gosh, it has grown but it is still the ideal small park to take toddlers and children up to about 10.

Charlotte loves "equipment" In fact, for her birthday when she turned 4 this past Wednesday, we gave her a bulldozer and front end loader for her sandbox at her house. Of course it is MUCH smaller than this fun one.

Yup, Pop Pop can fit into the spinning cars (barely). You note I am not sitting there.

Flying dragons!

Abby's first Merry-go-round. It was a hit. So much so, we did it twice.

Pop Pop, I'm tall enough if you go with me please........

Okay, Okay. Did this twice too!

Now, I welcome to my RVing blog Randy and Pam and also to Betty who is of the Texas Yellow Rose blog. Glad to see you all here.

Much has happened since I last blogged! NO, we do NOT have our fiver fixed. More on that another day.

Last Sunday we had our annual yard party. Daughter Terri and her husband Steve have taken over this project. Setting up on Saturday was torture. It was 97 with heat index like 110. Sunday, equally hot and humid. I received phone calls all morning from friends and family who just were not up to coming out in the heat. Who can blame them. On the other hand, most of Terri's friends were here. Shows what a different age makes. The band was set up and playing, people were eating and enjoying the music and each others company.

Quickly the skies changed. Just as quickly the winds picked up. The tarp Len and Steve spent a great deal of time erecting on Saturday collapsed on guests. Speakers, etc were quickly covered but the wind was so fierce tarps blew off the bandstand leaving expensive equipment exposed to rains and wind. Heavy speakers were blown off the bandstand and across the yard.
People grabbed what they could and ran to the house. Many people left at that time. Some grabbed food and ate in their cars. So far the band believes most equipment will be okay. Much of it is sitting in our shop this week drying out

I had taken pics of the large tarp being set up. Terri took some of the damage. Once I get them from her I will post. Down the road about 2 miles 8 telephones poles were blown over like dominoes. The weather stations reported that the county was exposed to several small tornado type winds.

On Tuesday Len's mother, who was admitted to a nursing home a month ago, was left sitting on the stool. She tried to lift herself and fell, fracturing her hip. She has not really walked in two years. She was operated on Thursday. Lens sister-in-law and brother are looking for another nursing home. This was her 4th fall in less than a month. Much credit must be given to each of Len's siblings who have been providing for much of her care.
She is being released from the hospital tomorrow. At this point, they don't know where she will be going. She is refusing to eat. The doctor says she is malnourished. She was told if she does not eat, she will die. She is still refusing and is not allowing them to feed her intravenously. Len is flying down to Louisiana on Friday. He is hoping to spend some time with her.
This has been very difficult on Len's siblings. As many of you know, we left NJ in February to fulltime travel. Until we came back in NJ late May to get our fiver repaired, we spent all but 4 weeks assisting in her care. This included Len lifting her many times a day. He was in constant pain. Since returning to NJ he has been seeing a chiropractor twice weekly. He is at last pain free. He knows he is not able to lift and move her as he was doing. This, in itself, pains him.
So many people our age are providing elder care. Some also have responsibility for grandchildren. We all love our parents, children and grandchildren. But each of us must look deep inside ourselves and determine what level of care we are capable of performing. Sometimes we find that at this age, it is more than we are physically equipped to handle. This is a very difficult decision.


Jessica said...

Oh Phyllis! I am so sorry to hear about the troubles with the party, and that Len's mother is doing so poorly. I know what you mean... those decisions are never easy.

Happytrails said...

Bless your hearts. I certainly understand what you all are going through. It is such a sad time with many hard decisions. I have been through this with my Mom. I will certaily keep you and Len in my thoughts and prayers as well as Len's Mom. Hang in there.

Looks like a grand time on all the fun rides at Storybook Land!! Love the pics.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Margie M. said...

Phyllis, I'm sorry to learn this news about Len's Mom. I know how difficult all of these kinds of decisions can be. Thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Ali said...

Phyllis and Len...so sorry to hear about Len's mom. I hope they can find a good home for her and that maybe the visit from Len will help.

Sorry to hear about the wind, rain and storms that hit your area and your party.

Glad you had a good time with the grands at Storybook Land. It looks like a fun place to go.

Hang in there!

Karol said...

Phyllis and Len,

I am so sorry to hear about all your troubles. Life seems to be throwing us a lot of curves. I hope the parts come in for your 5'er. Sorry about the winds at the party. I hope the equipment suffered no damage. You and Len and his family are in my prayers.

I had to make difficult decisions about my father's care and Ted's care. It is a difficult time.

I'm glad you got some fun in with your grandchildren.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Phyllis you don't have to answer in a public blog, but I was wondering where in NJ you lived. If you are close to Atlantic City you are close to where two of my sons, Tim, and Rick live in the Brick Township Asbury Park area, I must say I don't miss NJ one bit, it would take foreever to drive somewhere with the traffic, forget it in the summer from Fri to Sunday night when the beach's were going full steam.I haven't been back for a visit in several years, but the boys understand and would rather drive out here for a visit where we don't have monster traffic jams.Boy I sure hope you guys get some progress on your fiver, that time wasteing is ridiculous, Maybe someday when you head west you can stop and see us in Dardenne Prairie, unless the house sells before then and we are on the road. Hope, Hope. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.