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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ali, Ron and then Tombstone again.

Benson,  AZ

One of the many pleasures of RVing AND blogging is actually meeting blogging friends.  Ali and Ron of the Wandering Workentins are headed for a job at the Escapees Park in Hondo, Tx.   As they were traveling across I10 we decided to meet for breakfast on Tuesday. This is truly a delightful couple.  Meeting them seemed like catching up with old friends.

We visited for about an hour and a half then they had to get on the road.  Perhaps again some time in the future.

Because we enjoyed Tombstone last week, but I was having problems with the ankle, we decided the weather was perfect for a revisit.    We first toured the Courthouse ($5.00 a person).

The Courthouse is a museum of early Tombstone history.   The hey days of Tombstone were in the late 1870's and early 1880's.   The actual courtroom...

We walked around for a little then decided to take the 1/2 hour Trolley ride around town ($5.00 per person).  The driver pointed out sites of interest.    72 men were shot and killed (not all at the same time) in just one intersection of town.

The Earps only lived in Tombstone about 3 years but Tombstone will always be remembered because of how Hollywood has betrayed the Gunfight at OK Corral.

Wyatt's house:

His brother Morgan's house:

The infamous Boothill Cemetery.   For a $2.00 charge you could walk around the cemetery.  We could see enough  looking for the fence.  Yes, we are cheap!

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Karol said...

Good Grief. Who ever heard of charging to look around a cemetary? Maybe it is for maintenance. Mt. Moriah in Philadelphia should do that and use the money to fix the place up.