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Monday, February 21, 2011


Benson, AZ

First we welcome our dear friend Judy Hughes from Baton Rouge and also JoJo who now lives in Arizona but grew up in New Jersey.     Glad you found us here!

Most of us know what it is to live in a small space.  I looked around the other day and noted some small changes we made to our 2009 Montana 3455SA fifth wheel.   Most of them were to give us a little more storage or keep clutter to a minimum.

Really important is that Leonard needed a place to "hang his hat".  

This is the same hat rack we used in our old house.  Works well in the fiver.   However, aren't the shelves on either side of our bedroom TV dumb???   Sure, they might look nice, but wouldn't some small cabinets been more practical?

Then I needed a place for the few shoes I decided to keep.  We found a cloth shoe rack but had to cut it to fit inside the closet.  It hangs the length of the closet.

We added two sets of hooks to the bedroom side of the sliding door leading to the bathroom.

In the bathroom we added a hook over an outlet on the wall next to the sink to hang my curling iron.

I love that our unit has a separate computer desk as you walk in the door.  The area has two levels, a lower one for the computer and a higher one where the printer could be placed.   We decided to put the printer in the cabinet right over the higher cabinet, leaving room for the coffee pot, etc.

No work area is complete without a cork board and calender.  Mine is on the wall directly in front of the computer.   A hook for the calendar and an expensive cork board from WalMart suits just fine.

I was getting tired of having dish towels getting in the way or laying on the counter.   We found a curtain rod the same color as our hooks, cabinet handles, spigots, etc.   It fit perfectly on the end of our counter.

As many others have done, Leonard made sewer hose supports from PCV pipes.

To store the long supports and hoses when not in use, he rigged a container made of PVC behind the front legs.

We enjoy sitting outside on nice days and sometimes watch a little TV or a DVD.   Len made a cabinet for the TV, etc and installed it in a basement storage unit.  Note the paper towel holder on the side.  Comes in handy when he is grilling.

 Our unit came with two recliners placed on the back wall in front of the large window and a sofa on the side.   We switched them around and like that arrangement much better.   This can not be done in a lot of rigs because the sofa is too deep and will not clear the slides.  We are fortunate that ours does.

I would bet you have made some beneficial changes too!


Laurie and George said...

Thanks for sharing this! Since we are looking at Montanas, this will come in handy in the future!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Hey, I like your changes, especially the one for the dish towels. We use the drawer beneath the bedroom armoire (sp?) for our shoes - not one more thing will go in the closet! My biggest challenge was finding a place for the laundry baskets (mesh folding ones). They are in the closet, 1 for our clothes and 1 for cycling clothes. Kinda miss not having a proper desk, but we like our open floor plan in so many ways. Lookin' good!

Happytrails said...

Great changes....thanks for sharing!!

MargieAnne said...

Thanks for thinking of us.

I was so shocked when my daughter called with the news of the earthquake. Was very tearful most of this afternoon. Thank God. My family are all safe


JOJO said...

Thank you for the introduction.
I too had to make many changes in my 23' Itasca . When I set out last summer for my first long stay, 4 month trip to the White Mountains I brought way to much stuff and I thought I was going to lose my mind. LOL thus causing me to buy a place in the RV Park I was staying in. But I love my little mh and hope next winter I will be taking her out more. I think I will look back on my blog to see if I ever posted the changes. I learn so many new things reading blogs.
Have a great day.

Karol said...

I love the curtain rod idea. I haven't liked any towel racks that I have seen. Manufactured Homes also need changes for storage space. I am always cleaning out my computer room and then I find something to put in the space I just cleaned out.