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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Border fence and more

Benson, AZ

Hello and welcome to Mike and Gina, our new blog followers.

On Wednesday we picked up cousin Muriel in Hereford (about 50 miles south of Benson, close to the border) for our border fence tour.   We first drove to the border town on Naco.  There is a Naco on both the American and Mexico sides of the border.  I took this picture as we drove into town.   You can see a dark line in the middle of the picture starting from the left.  About half way in the picture, the line stops.  I suppose this is an area of  fence building in process.

From Naco we headed to another border town, Douglas.   For about twelve miles we traveled a dirt road that runs right along the fence.

On the way to Douglas we took a quick side trip into a very small, rundown town.  This is the tunnel into this little town. 

Once in Douglas, we stopped for lunch at a very old hotel.   I took a picture of the lobby.

We then went to Coronado National Memorial Forest.  We drove first to the Visitors Center and took the 3 mile mostly unpaved road up to Montezuma Pass Overlook.   This is Leonard with Muriel.

The road up was narrow with many switchbacks and sharp drop offs.  There were times I had to hold my breath and close my eyes.  That's okay I wasn't driving.  Looking down from this point, we could see miles and miles of fencing. It does not show in this picture well.  It is the faint dark line running between the mountains in the forefront and those in the distance.

At the Pass were Border Patrol vehicles including this one which appears to have a radar scanner.  One wonders how they can capture someone in this immense, vast terrain.

Yesterday we drove up to Phoenix (160 miles EACH way) for NOMADS leader training.   On the way back we were awed by this beautiful sunset.

Wondering - are any of our readers attending the Gypsy Gathering in Yuma starting March 7?  This will be our first rally with this group.   Looking forward to it for sure.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We got your e-mail and sent a private reply, Hope you guys are enjoying your time in the southwest. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Rick and Paulette said...

We drove along that border fence last year. Not quite sure what to make of it.

Karol said...

What a beautiful sunset.

Happytrails said...

That's a great sunset pic. I love the entrance tunnel to Douglas, kinda neat.
Take care and be safe.

JOJO said...

I just found your blog, I also come from NJ and have lived here in Tucson for 35yrs now. I haven't finished reading all of your blog yet but I see you are enjoying the area around Benson. Yes the cold was a shock to us. Covered plants still died and pipe froze and broke. That was a very nasty week for me. But its over and the weather has warmed up nicely. Enjoy!

Naresh Classic said...

What is that blurred black spot in top left corner in pictures no.2,3,7 & 8. Is it a UFO.