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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Checking out what used to be ours.

Flippen,  AR

As we had three days between Gore, OK and Fayette, MO projects, we detoured a little to check out the status of property we used to own.   About 18 years or so ago we bought 14 acres of beautiful land in north central Arkansas.  We thought about some day retiring here.   The property was up a gravel road.  No changes there, the road is still unimproved.

We really liked the area.   We were just five miles from Bull Shoals Lake, a premiere bass fishing and recreation haven.  Bull Shoals has over 1,000 miles of shoreline.  

Our 14 acres sat up on a mountain and with some tree removal we could picture a fine view of the surrounding mountains and valley.  There was also a water fall on the property.  We thought we found the perfect site, even though it would need some clearing.

We would stop by to just check on it every few years on our way to Louisiana from New Jersey.  The last time there we found it was being used as the town "dump".  There were trash bags, old carpeting, building materials and all sort of debris.   To make matters worse, people had bought property across the road. 

On their property was a trailer - no, not like we all proudly own but a broken down, falling apart house trailer.  The front yard (and side yard and back yard) was decorated with cars up on blocks, stacks of wooden pallets, no longer used refrigerators and other miscellaneous appliances.  And did I mention the yelping dogs - lots and lots of yelping dogs.    We went right into town and put to place on the market.

A few months later we sold the property to the parents of the woman who would have been our neighbor.  We expected to find our old property now inhabited and looking like what we saw across the road.  We were surprised to find nothing had been built on it.  The only thing we saw were NO TRESPASSING signs.

The property across the street?   It looks like it might be abandoned but really hard to tell.

Wondering if our potential neighbors have moved from their other trailer to this gem?


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Beautiful part of the country but with neighbors like that you were lucky to get rid of it.

JOJO said...

Yes who would want to live next to that. But its still sad to see all that beauty turned into a pile of junk.

Rick and Paulette said...

Looks like you got out of town just in time!

Donna K said...

I always wonder "why" when I see a piece of property with rusting vehicles, discarded refrigerators, and the like. Too bad you had to sell the property though.

Vivian said...

Just happened upon your blog from the RV dreams forum. Noticed this post about Arkansas. I live in Arkansas and just found it interesting.