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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Not our favorite

Fayette, MO

We've finished our first week of volunteering at Central Methodist University.  

This is by far our least favorite NOMADS project.   As only three people signed for this project, it is not a formal project but a "drop in".   That means no leader and no normal routine.  

We were instructed whom to contact here, which we did.   Leonard was told to work with the maintenance crew.  Allan (the other volunteer) and I were asked to work with housekeeping.    They really don't seem to need us.   We've scrubbed gym bleachers, wiped down walls, washed windows and done a few other odds and ends.   I've yet to work a full day.   I feel they are just making work for us.  Having worked with other agencies, I have always felt we served a purpose.    None of us feel that with this project.  

Leonard and I have decided to leave on Friday and go about 60 miles east where we have friends who live nearby.  We will spend one week at a local campground before heading to St. Louis to fly back to MD and NJ for a week.

On a good note - while in NJ we will be settling on our house and my daughter Terri will officially be the new owner.   YIPPEE!  That new King Ranch F350 will be paid off.

This morning Leonard and I took a ride to see two state parks.   Boones Lick and Arrow Rock.   Boones Lick gets its name from the salt streams which animals would seek out.   At one time there were salt wells owned by Daniel Boone's sons.  

Then we drove to Arrow Rock State Park.   The visitor center is chock full of items from the area.   Arrowheads, old farm implements, household goods, armaments and an outline of the history of the area including information on Daniel Boone and Lewis and Clark

Arrow Rock gets its name from the rocks in the area that made good arrowheads.   We noted the town of Arrow Rock has 79 residents.  My kind of place!

While walking we saw lots of these wildflowers.   Can someone tell me the name?

Now I gotta figure out what I did to my camera.  These pictures are really faded out.

Until next time......


I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. thinkin' that must be some house in New Jersey if you got enuff money from sellin' it to buy the King Ranch. Ain't it got 1000's of acres to it? Y'all must have been runnin' round with Gates and Buffet, glad to see y'all joined the rest of us fer a while.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Let us know what park you will be staying in probably one of the two at Danville near Montgomery City both are nice.I've stayed at Lazy Days a couple times and it is always spotless.Haven't stayed at Cando but it is a Campground USA park with 50% off, don't know about PassportAmerica,Be safe out there see ya in a couple of weeks. Sam & Donna..

Carol and Johnny said...

I'm with you... "make work" is no fun! I think the flowers are some sort of phlox, but a little hard to tell.

Congrats on the property transfer and paying off the King Ranch!

Have a safe trip!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

The wildflowers look very much like phlox I have planted here. :) Hope your stay in NJ is good. We are still loving it here!

Laurie and George said...

No fun to work where you're not needed. Have a good trip home to settle!

Glenda Laine said...

Those flowers look like Sweet William. Little clumps of blue flowers sprinkled all around the woods. They're wild & I've never been able to 'transplant' them. This year has been just right for them cause I don't remember ever seeing so many around Kansas City.
~~ Glenda ~~

Rick and Paulette said...

I certainly wouldn't want to be volunteering for just make work projects! Interesting story on Boone's Lick. Have a safe trip.

JOJO said...

Sorry that job didn't give you that accomplished feeling.
And you are heading home to our soil for a few. Nice to hear your house will be in much loved hands and you can pay off the truck. Enjoy NJ and family