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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Need to adjust the contraption!

Gore, OK

Yup, had a great connection - FOR AN HOUR!

We will be getting an adjustable flag pole to hook on our back ladder on which to put the outside antennea then we sure hope we see a continuing improvement. 

Right now I have a good connection with just my Sprint Mobile Hot Spot WiFi.   But, hey could lose it any minute.

We leave Gore tomorrow morning as this project wrapped up today.    We will spend two days in Flippen, AR where we once owned 14 acres.  We want to see what has happened to that area since we decided to sell.

We arrive at Central Methodist University on Sunday for three more weeks of volunteering.   (What was wrong with my head when I signed up to work 6 weeks in a row!)

Once I can depend on a connection, I will load up some pictures of our time here.  It has been a blessing.  We even got to horseback ride for a short spell.   We both miss doing that.  

Heading over to the Activities Director's now for steak and fixins.

Gotta love this life.


Laurie and George said...

Miss hearing about your adventures. Will be glad when you get a good signal!

Carol and Johnny said...

We have an antenna on an adjustable flagpole and an amplifier and antenna inside the RV to ensure we have cellphone and internet in Arkansas. We've not had a problem until we got to Arkansas, but we should be set now. Need to look at a map and see where Flippen is...

Rick and Paulette said...

Great to see your connected and hope it stays that way!! Good luck with your new volunteering stint!