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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Do you know these people?

Hermosa,   SD

Last night we met a blogging couple.   That, and a recent post from Judy of Judy and Emma, got me to thinking.   Just how many RV bloggers have we met.

The first couple we met were Speedy and Sherri from the blog Speedhitch.  They were in Louisiana and I emailed them to meet for dinner.  This is about a year and a half before we took off.  They were a great couple who provided us lots of support and info.

The next Thanksgiving we were visiting Len's son and family in Alabama and realized another blogging couple were in the area.   We made contact and met them at the local Cracker Barrel on Thanksgiving Friday for lunch.    Then just this past February we were volunteering in Moss Point, MS and when we got back to the rig one afternoon - there they were waiting for us!   They were volunteering in a nearby town and that morning read my blog so came to surprise us.    We were thrilled to see Allan and Jeanne again.  www.aljewebster.blogspot.com

While attempting to lose some weight I joined Weight Watchers online and found there was a forum for RVers.   On there I "met" Ellie.   We got to meet Ellie and her Hubby Jim while at the Escapees Alabama campground back in January.

Also while we were at the Escapees Park I got to talk to Judy  who with her hubby Darrel had a blog I used to follow and Linda Payne who with her hubby Norm I also used to follow.   These were before we hit the road and their blogs helped me in the process.

Another blogger I met on the Weight Watchers site was Peggy www.koehlerskaravan.blogspot.com
We met up with Peggy and David when we were in western Pa last fall.   I was sure I had a picture but I can't find it in my files.

Last year when we were in Benson, AZ for a month I read that Ali and Ron would be driving the Interstate near where we were.   We  arranged to meet for breakfast.

We first met this couple at Raccoon Valley in TN.   EVERYONE knows who they are.

Sure - it's Nick and Terry Russell   www.gypsyjournalrv.com     We attended their Yuma, AZ rally in 2011.  When we were at the Summerdale Escapees park earlier this year, they stopped on their way through the area.  Always a treat to see them again.

Last May we spend some time driveway camping at the home of Sam and Donna www.5thwheelvagabonds.blogspot.com  While there they were great hosts with morning coffee, breakfast and later in the day tour guides.

We will meet up with them again at the Escapade in MO in September.  

Last July we were camping at a State Park in Pa.  Lauri and George www.owensontheroad.blogspot.com    drove a couple of hours down for a visit.  They are almost on the road.  Since we saw them, they bought their rig - a Montana fiver - and are gearing up to head out without a few short months.   Here they are:

After we left PA, we headed to NY state where we met up with Jessica and Harry  www.rikerrvdays.blogspot.com   They took us on a tour of NY state capital Albany and then we enjoyed a dinner together.   Jessica and Harry are on the final countdown to hitting the road also.

After visiting other friends on Lake Champlain we headed to a NOMADS project in RI.  As we then were returning to southern New Jersey, we made plans to visit Betty and Dave Barnes www.phoenixonceagain.blogspot.com who are gate guarding in NW New Jersey.  On the way there we blew out two tires on the fiver with 3 hours.  Luckily the last one was just 52 miles from them and we borrowed their spare to get us off the Interstate until two days later we bought new tires.   Betty and Dave:

Early this year we were working a NOMADS project in Moss Point, MS.  Judy www.travels-with-emma.blogspot.com  was working nearby at the Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR.   She generously volunteered to take our whole group on the tour of the refuge.   I'm the tall grey haired lady.  Judy is the short grey haired lady.

A few months later we were volunteering in Austin, TX.  Carol www.weremovingon.blogspot.com
and Kevin were in the area.  We met for BBQ.   Then just last month we were in ND not far from where they were work camping.  We met up again.

A few days ago I got an email from the above mentioned Donna W.  Never to miss anything, Donna  noticed that Dee and Jim www.tumbleweed-jimdee.blogspot.com and we were staying in the same RV park.   However, we had just pulled out that morning.  As we are less than 25 miles down the road at another park we connected and met yesterday.  Imagine that!  For 3 days we were actually right next to each other.

I think these are all the RV bloggers we've had the good fortune to meet.    I do hope I've forgotten no one and one day hope to meet many more of you.

So, back to my original question .... Do you know these people?

OOPS!  Add on, add on, add on.   I just remembered Colleen and Jerry Elkins from down in Texas.  Sorry guys!


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We will see you in Sept. Can't wait. Hope it's cooler.

Judy and Emma said...

I know a good share of them, but not all of them. :) Amazing community out here!

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I know none of them but maybe after tomorrow night, I will know at least one couple.

Laurie and George said...

And a great bunch they are! I'm amazed how many good friends we have and will have in this lifestyle.

Rick Doyle said...

I know a few of them from their blogs but have not met any of them.

Donna K said...

I think it is great fun to meet up with fellow bloggers, although I haven't met any of the ones you listed. I guess I'm too "west coast" lol!! I have met some great friends through blogging.

JOJO said...

How exciting to meet so many blogger friends. I have only met a couple. I need to get a move on.

Happytrails said...

Yes, we know several of the RVers/bloggers you mentioned! Isn't it great to make friends and know so many amazing people??

Jessica and Harry said...

Other than you guys, we've met Laurie and George (We shared a cabin with them at an rv rally back before either of us had our rigs). We are looking forward to having the opportunity to meet other rv bloggers as well once we get on the road. :)

Carol and Kevin said...

It's so much fun to meet fellow rvers. We have something in common right from the start. And if we've been reading their blog it's like we know each other already! So glad we were able to connect twice in one year. Looking forward to meeting more rvers and seeing you again down the road.