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Monday, July 9, 2012

Four famous faces

Hermosa,  SD

Do you know recognize these four famous people?

That's right!  It is Paul and Marsha www.wheresweaver.blogspot.com and Phyllis and Leonard.

Oh, you thought I meant these faces????

They are pretty famous too.     We met Marsha and Paul last night at Mt. Rushmore to see the lighting of the monument and the patriotic program which preceded it.

Again, another nice couple.  But of course!  They are full time Rvers after all.

Then this morning we packed a lunch and drove over to

We must have put on well over 200 miles today driving to and from the Badlands and the various loops and gravel roads.

We saw some bison and loads of Pronghorn antelopes.  But also today we came upon a few Bighorn Sheep.   As we sat and watched, this one walked right up to the road next to us.  It looked like they were all tagged around the neck.

The views were majestic.

Eventually we got hungry and decided it was time to find a spot for a picnic.  Then it hit me!   I brought bottled water, I brought ice tea, I brought bananas, I brought brownies, I brought mayo, I brought lettuce, I brought tomato, I brought cheese, I brought ham.  I DID NOT BRING BREAD!  

So, we took a side trip into the town of Wall.   Oh yea, that Wall.  The Wall of the famous Wall Drugs

We had lunch of burgers at a cafe across from Wall Drug then spent about a half hour walking around some of the stores in the complex.   We had been here about 11 years ago.  Len had said he didn't remember Wall Drug but once we got inside and he saw the courtyard inside (tacky, tacky, tacky), he remembered.

After lunch we continued on our drive through the loop and on back to Hermosa where we are just taking it easy.  


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We plan to visit the Badlands after we get to Rapid City. I hope we get to see Bighorn Sheep.

We are going to stop at The Wall also. We were there 31 yrs. ago.

I love sandwiches without the bread. Less fattening...hehe

Thanks for meeting up with us last night. We enjoyed meeting you two and learning more about you. Never know...our paths may cross again.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Some great memories in this post! Thanks.

JOJO said...

Could have lettuce wraps. But the lunch you did have sounds good too.

Bob said...

I'll admit it. You had me there. there.
Rushmore is on my little list.
Enjoy your stay.

Laurie and George said...

Love the faces...yours :) Mt Rushmore & Wall Drug..two must see places.

We didn't get to Badlands last time, but definitely will be there sometime.

Nan said...

I love lettuce wraps. The taste of the "innards" are not masked by the carbs of bread.

this is another place on our bucket list, thanks to you!

Rick Doyle said...

We loved the Badlands drive - just like a mini-Grand Canyon.

Nice that you were able to meet up with Paul and Marsha at Mt. Rushmore.

Carol and Kevin said...

We need to start thinking about planning our route to Coffeyville, KS. Maybe we can stop by and visit those face... Of course the famous faces we'd like to see will probably be gone by then...

Jessica and Harry said...

I love the pics of South Dakota- can't wait to those views in person. Also great shot of those famous faces!! :)