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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Deadwood Disappointment

Black Hawk,   SD

About 11 years ago we flew into this area of SD and visited sites that we are once again visiting.   At that time we stayed at a B & B right outside of

We liked Deadwood.   Even with the small casinos that had recently popped up and tons of touristy gift shops, etc, it still had a quaint feeling.    Not so today.   We could hardly wait to "get out of town".    There were still some of the old buildings intermingled in with the new.

Even parking garages have sprung up where horses were probably once stabled.

The town is now all about hotels and casinos.    It is sure not the Deadwood I remember from only a few years back.  

We stopped only long enough to have lunch at the Tin Lizzy casino as we saw advertisements for a $3.99 senior buffet.  It turned out it was just soup and salad and you needed a players card for the $3.99 deal.   I got the soup and salad for $4.99 and Leonard choose their $4.99 daily special - 4 large fried shrimp, baked potato, carrots and Texas toast.  Coffee or tea came with the meals.   At $4.99 not a bad deal.

We found the B & B we stayed at about 3 miles from town.   Even they have expanded.   There where a horse pasture was, instead this

We really liked the hosts but knew they sold the facilty a few years back.   It would have been nice to have seen them again.

Near Deadwood is the town of

They were having a Camaro rally.  We walked around for a bit and saw a few fine looking cars. These people really like their Chevy's.

We drove through Spearfish Canyon, always a beautful drive.

We went to nearby Ellsworth Air Force Base and went through their Air Force Museum

We got there early as we knew the heat was going to be unforgiving.   We looked at their outside display first.

Then went inside

As far as Military Museums, this is a very small one but worth the stop.   And the cost is right!  Free less you take the van tour which we declined this time.

Most of you are suffering under extreme heat as we are.   Keep hydrated and take it easy!


Judy and Emma said...

You're sure right about the heat. I can't get up the gumption to visit anything. I was also rather disappointed in Deadwood two years ago.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I think just about everybody in the coutry need some kind of relief. Heat, fire and flooding.

Rick Doyle said...

We visited Deadwood in 2007 and I was surprised at just how tacky it was. I thought it might be a bit more like Tombstone which has at least tried to keep the core pretty nice.

The only thing I really enjoyed in Deadwood was going to the Boot Hill Cemetery where a lot of the famous old gunslingers are buried.

heyduke50 said...

use to be stationed at Elsworth in the mid 70's and spent a lot of time in Deadwood... not sure I want to see it how it is today...

where's weaver said...

So glad I read your post. We are headed for Custer and had Deadwood on our list. Not any longer...thanks!

Laurie and George said...

When we visited Deadwood with my parents a few years back, we enjoyed the Boot Hill cemetery. The casinos left a lot to be desired, but we did eat lunch in Costner's Midnight Star casino..that was good.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

we stopped briefly in deadwood a few years ago. Sam was in a store looking at hats, I wandered around. One of the stores had a slot machine and I won $3.00, when back and told Sam I had won $3.00 and thought the owner was going to fall down laughing. You can tell what a high roller I am!

JOJO said...

Casino's are ruining lots of little towns. I know they bring jobs but why change the town.But seems like you found some other things to enjoy.