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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot as Hell and the Devil

Black Hawk,  SD

Yesterday we hit the road driving a bit over 100 miles each way to see this:

Hence "The Devil".     As most people know, Devils Tower is actually the hardened magma of a volcano that cooled and fractured into columns.  Over millions of years of erosion the rock became exposed.   The tower rises 867 feet from its base.  

In 1906 Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower the first national monument under the new Antiquities Act.   His action made Wyoming the home of both our first national park - Yellowstone in 1872 - and our first national monument.

I was going to walk the  mile and a half trail that circles the base.   I did it once before.  This time I started but knew it was not to be.  After a few thousand feet of steep uphill and down, I decided not this time.    The temperature was hovering around 100.   When I walked it before I was 11 years younger.   More to the point I was 40 pounds lighter!    In addtion, a few years back I had heat exhaustion while visiting San Antonio.  I was so sick I mostly slept for 4 solid days.  Since then heat zaps whatever little energy I have.

Len and I had packed a lunch and decided where we were parked was as good a place as any.  I've debated on posting this picture.   No, he is NOT doing what it looks like, he is fixing sandwiches. Honest.

Not only was it HOT there but even worse about 20 miles before the Tower we could see this off in the distance.

I do hope they got the fire under control.   The fire signs all around here near Rapid City indicate a Very High fire danger.  

Today it is again near 100 - probably no where near hot as hell, but it sure is uncomfortable.

Okay, Judy, I finished my post now.   Do hope you get some relief there in Tennessee also.


Judy and Emma said...

It's 105 here in Tennessee, the Devil with the rest of the post! :)

Laurie and George said...

Lots of heat all over! We loved Devil's tower when we were there too, but in the fall!

Rick Doyle said...

It's supposed to be hot around the Devil isn't it?

Donna K said...

I think you were wise to forego the walk around the tower. I don't think I would even get out of the car in that heat!! Nice of Len to make the sandwiches while you took compromising pictures of him LOL!!

JOJO said...

It good to know what your body can do and not do. That kind of heat is not good for hiking. But great photos.