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Sunday, June 3, 2012

1000 Year Old Indian

Mitchell, SD

Yesterday we visited

In 1910 ancient relics were found on this site.   Around 1000 years ago it was inhabited by the Mandan tribe.  It is estimated they lived here about 100 years until they had depleted most of the local timber which they used to build their shelters.  A reconstruction:

Some archaeological work was done for a short time in the late 1930's.  Most of the unearthing has been done in the last several years as a portion of the site is now under roof.

There is no State or Federal funding for this project.  It is funded mostly by admission sales. (only $6.00/$5.00 seniors)  Dr. Hannus, an archaeologist, oversees the project but most of the work is done during June and July when students from England volunteer their time.

Over a million artifacts have been found and processed through their laboratory.

The simple tools which archaeologists use:

As the mother and mother-in-law of two archaeologists I know firsthand the dedication and patience needed for this type of work.

Artifacts include hunting and agricultural tools, broken pottery pieces and decorative items.   During the summer there are events such as live digs, Archaeology Days and cultural performances.

If traveling through Mitchell, it is worth a stop.


Rick Doyle said...

Archaeologist digs always amaze me with the detail and patience they show to carefully unearth all the historical objects. It's painstaking work for sure. Thanks for the info!

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Amazing how a place like this can carry on without any State or Federal funding.

Love the photo of the basic dig kit. We have one like it here in the MH...hehe

Judy and Emma said...

So, did you meet the 1000 year old Indian? :)

Laurie and George said...

Very cool. I always wanted to go on a dig. Have to check this place out!

JOJO said...

This looks very interesting. I love this stuff.
Thats for sharing.