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Friday, June 1, 2012

A time to relax and travel

Mitchell, South Dakota

We left Camp Fontanelle, NE this morning shortly after 8 and traveled north 218 miles to Mitchell arriving 12:20 pm.

Our time at Camp Fontanlle was a  busy one.   I worked mostly as Leonard's "gofer" as he installed 3 toilets in rest rooms, tiled and grouted floors, shored up a "bridge" and steps that overlook the camps corn maze, installed 6 florescent light fixtures, did plumbing on sinks, and installed a new vanity and sink and reinstalled a toilet in the camp directors home.    Our fellow NOMADS were a pleasure to work with as was the camp director.

But now it is time to just chill out and sight see for the next several weeks.

We plan on spending 10 days at this campground.   While here we need to register to vote and get Len's address corrected on his SD drivers license.  

When we arrived earlier today there were but 3 sites filled.   Since that time at least 20 sites are full.   There are 40 level grassy sites in this campground, each with a picnic table and amble room between.   We are facing the pool.  Even though it is in the 60's there are children out there splashing around and having a good time.  The mother is sitting on a pool chair watching and wearing long pants and a heavy sweater.    I can understand that!

The only drawback to this campground is we can see the roof top of a Cabelas.    For those of you who know what a Cabelas is, you understand.  However, we are also close to a DQ and Ruby Tuesday.   They also have great free Wifi.   I see my Mobile wifi would be on roaming and I don't want to go there.  Therefore, both Len and I are okay with this campground.

Now I need to catch up on what's going on in the lives of my fellow bloggers.


owensontheroad said...

Have a good time enjoying yourselves. We both really like South Dakota, and can't wait to get out there.

where's weaver said...

Anywhere close to a DQ is a good place for me! Enjoy your rest and relaxation.

Jessica Riker said...

Enjoy your well-deserved break!! :) The campground sounds like a nice place to hang out for a bit.

JO said...

You both have earned a good rest stop. Enjoy they stay and the DQ I haven't had one in I can't tell you how long. So have a few for me

Rick said...

Glad to see you are going to have a nice break. Mitchell? The Corn Palace, right?

We were there in 2007 in August and it was the hottest place we've ever stayed - over 100F.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Not much to do or see in Mitchell, you only need to see the Corn Palace once in your life. But it should be a relaxing stop for you and the weather isn't to hot. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Ivey said...

I have driven through SD a few times but on our next trip I hope we get the chance to stop and explore a bit.

Have a DQ for me.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Phyllis...I don't have your email address nor can find it on your blog so I thought I would take this opportunity to tell how much we enjoy your comments on our blog. We too LOVE wildlife and the country...mountains, lakes, deserts. BUT we almost always walk around the little towns, big cities, etc. where ever we stop. We really learn so much from the locals. Hope you get an opportunity on your next stop to try it. We meet the nicest people.