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Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to work!

Ten Sleep,   WY

Well here we are in Ten Sleep.   Got here Saturday when the weather was cooler for a few days.   Back up to the high 90's today.

 Before leaving Gillette, Leonard had to air up two tires when our Pressure Pro indicated they were a little low.

Our route took us west on I90 until we hit Buffalo, Wy.   Surely something big was going to happen in town as people were lined up along every route.

In Buffalo we picked up US 16 west which leads directly to Ten Sleep.  What a ride!  It is about 60 miles from Buffalo to the camp.      I never expected to see snow but there it is in the higher elevations.

Again we had twisting roads with some steep grades.   At one point we went through some construction which appeared to be necessary due to a wash out.

On the other side of the construction we heard a "ping" on the windshield when a truck passed us.  Opps!  We hoped we would not have a problem.   But of course we do.   Only three months ago we had to replace our windshield due to a stone hitting it.  This morning we got up to find a foot long crack moving along the drivers side.  Here we go again!

The views on US 16 are breathtaking.

And again, some severe switchbacks.

The location of the camp is in a canyon at about 5,000 feet.   These are our views.  Our site:

Across from us.

Some of the camps buildings which are about 300 feet across from where we are parked.

As expected we do not have cell service.   For that we go about 3 miles into town.  I am currently on the camps wifi.

People have questioned about the town's name - Ten Sleep.   From what I understand this town is mid way between a Sioux camp in SD and another in Montana.  It took them "10 sleeps" to get here from either direction.  

It is close to 8 pm.  I am sitting outside now and the gnats or mosquitoes are being fierce.  I will try to catch up on the blogs I follow tomorrow.    I need to get inside before I am completely welted up.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Thanks for explaining the name. Makes sense though.
Your site looks really large. The view is beautiful. Enjoy.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Love those scenic drives:)

JO said...

I think most RVer's suffer multiply windshield replacements.
But what a beautiful place your at.

owensontheroad said...

What a lovely place to be parked. I can imagine waking up to that view every morning. Have a great time working there!

Jessica Riker said...

Did you wave as you passed through that little town? :)

What a beautiful view you have! Sorry to hear about the windshield mishap. Hopefully the repair will be uneventful.

Travels with Emma said...

Those people were probably there to welcome you. :)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Bummer about the windshield.

Jerry said...

The town folks knew you guys were coming through. So they were greeting ya.
Work safe.

Donna K said...

Beautiful scenery shots and your current "home" looks great too. So sorry to hear about your windshield. Too bad there is not some way to prevent that.