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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Doin close to nuttin

Garryowen,  MT

This weekend was sure a do-nothin weekend.    We took a ride into the nearest town, Hardin, about 20 miles away yesterday to buy a few vittles.   (when did I start talkin like Granny!)

Then last night we agin took us a walk up the hill behind us.  ( I know why - we's in the hills just not Beverly)

It is quite the climb.

From the top we view the campground.

After the walk we sat outside and watched the sunset.

This morning we attended church in Hardin.   When we got back to our site we found visitors, 11 grouse walking around the site and under the rig, even under my chair.

Judy, what type grouse are they?   They are very tame as long as we don't get TOO close.  We have seen them walking around the campground several times now.

I made a pot of soup which we had some for lunch.   It is supper time but neither of us are really hungry.  Len suggests making dip with Velveeta and Ro-tel.    I bought the ingredients some time ago and I have Tortilla chips.   I've never made it before but it sounds like a winner to me.

I am thinking we will take our hike in a while when it cools off some more.  Then we can sit outside and watch another sunset while having our snack.  Yup, sounds like a plan.


Laurie and George said...

Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

Laurie and George said...

Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

Donna K said...

Looks like a hike that will keep you in shape! I'm sure looking forward to a few days of "doin close to nuttin" too! Sounds like a fine idea.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We love Velveeta and Ro-tel dip.

I have four days off this coming weekend Maybe I can get in some of that "doin close to nuttin"

JOJO said...

I had a doin nuttin day. :)Rain will do that for ya

Judy and Emma said...

Boy, that's a good question. By your location, I'd guess greater sage-grouse. I believe your pictures are of young birds so it's really hard to tell.

Rick Doyle said...

Doin nuttin sometimes is alright with me too!

Carol and Kevin said...

We're "doin nuttin" too. We were supposed to start at Amazon on Monday, but they seem to have run into a backlog getting background checks done, so we're on hold. They are still paying for our site, so we're relaxing and enjoying the down time.