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Monday, September 3, 2012

Back in WY until tomorrow

Kaycee,  WY

We left Montana on Friday morning driving 151 miles down I90 to Buffalo, WY and picked up I25 into Kaycee.   Along the way we saw there was a brush fire over the ridge.

As we have no where we need to be until the 15th when we are to arrive at the Escapees Escapade in Sedalia, MO we are just moseying along.   We decided to stay in one place over the long weekend.  WOW!  There in NOTHING around here.   The RV park is nothing to rave about for sure.  It is a parking lot with hookups.  But the Passport America cost of $15.00 is fine.  It is not worth a penny more.

On Saturday we took a ride to see "The Hole in the Wall"  It shows on a map but good luck finding it.  However, the surrounding area of where it is supposed to be was worth the drive.

We came upon this sign:

Thinking there must be an attraction ahead we drove over ten miles of rough gravel road.  Then we saw a sign indicating the Outlaw Cave was 3 miles ahead.   We took one look at the road and decided three miles of this was a NO!

Where we turned around was a steep path down to a fishing area.   Evidently these people really like to fish as they drove these RV's over 10 miles of rough terrain to get here.

What I don't get is after driving 10 miles on rough road and being in such a huge wilderness, why are they parked almost of top of each other!


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Perhaps those RVs were "circling the wagons" just in case . . . ??? :)

JOJO said...

Those who play together stay together? They sure are close.
From the looks of that road to the whole I bet crooks still can hide out there.

Rick Doyle said...

I guess they are pretty close friends or family, who knows?

Laurie and George said...

It's amazing the wide open spaces in this country. You're right, no privacy for those folks!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hey Phyllis & Len, we haven't forgotten you, I was without wi-fi for almost two weeks so no comments. We will be ariving in Sedalia along with you on the 15th, there is also a couple from KC coming we all can meet and who knows who else, I know you guys will be meeting old friends who will become new friends to us. Rigg's is counting the days too and hoping for a doggie contest to get into like the last rally he went to. what a show off.Hey be safe out there we miss ya . Sam & Donna..

Overthehump said...

I'd guess they parked that way to provide themselves a windbreak.

Peggy n David said...

When we are camping with friends in WY/CO/MT we park like that - first to use as a windbreak, second, when we all put out our awnings we have lots of shade and shelter from rain, and we eat all our evening meals together - that way no one has to carry too far :)