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Monday, September 10, 2012

Gonna toss it in the trash.

White Cloud,  KS

Where I last posted was Kaycee, WY.  We left there days ago and spent 3 days in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.   Wish I could post some pictures but I'll explained later why not.   The next 3 days were at Hall County Park in Grand Island, Nebraska.    What a great little park. 

The park in Scottsbluff was at the local Zoo.   The campground was not much more than a dirt parking lot with electric and water at $15.00 a night.  For $15.00 (but only electric) we stayed at Hall County Park on a beautful landscaped site with a cement slab for the rig, a sturdy new picnic table and grill.   I can't say enough good about this little gem of a park.

We left Grand Island this morning at 8:45 and arrived at White Cloud Casino 5 hours later.  The trip was a total of 232 miles but about 30 of them were due to our planned route had a bridge washout from flooding and we had to do a lot of back tracking.

I planned on staying at this casino because my Casino Camping book states it is FREE with FHU's.  As it turns out it is $5.00 a night.   Still a good deal.    The casino is on the IOWA tribe reservation.   Really, no complaints here.   We are just killing time until we head to the Escapade on Saturday.

Now, the reason for the title.   Three years ago I bought a Toshiba laptop.  It's always been SLLLOOOWWWW booting up.   In the three years I've had this piece of junk, I ve had it in for service at least 4 times.   Unfortunately because we travel each time it has been at a different computer "expert" who has done Lord knows what to it.

I had a Sprint aircard, it was slow to connect.  I changed to a Sprint Mobile WIFI.   Still lots of issues.  I checked around and lots of folks recommenced changing to Verizon.  I did.   I got the Verizon 4G Mobile Hotspot.   Service comes in and out.  While in WY and MT I got very little service.  I blamed in on the location.

So then I get to Scottsbluff, NE.  Still really slow.  In and out of service.  Constant disconnections.   While in Grand Island I took my Mobile WIFI to TWO different Verizon dealers.  They had absolutely NO trouble connecting to their computers.    They told me to call Verizon the next time I was online and had an issue.  I did.  I was on the line over one hour with tech.  She had me go into the computer and change some settings.  I now can not get online AT ALL!

I've connected my Mobile WIFI to my old ACER and here I am.  I am online.     My pictures are on my Toshiba.     I am hoping when I get to the Escapade the Geeks on Tour will be there.  Maybe they can help.  I need someone I can TRUST before I allow anyone to touch my computer again.   If they are not there, the Toshiba goes in the trash!  I've had it!


Laurie and George said...

Oh, I don't blame you at all! Computers are either the love of our life, or a horrible ex :)
Hopefully someone can help you fix the issue! Did you try taking the mifi and laptop both to the Verizon store? Sometimes they can be very helpful there..

Donna K said...

Do I detect a small note of frustration? That's really too bad. I hate it when the computers don't operate like they're supposed to. Hope you get some help at the Escapade.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I have this theory about computer techs-they like to fiddle you around. Every time I let a computer wiz touch a computer, it takes me weeks to get it working correctly again. At the last place I worked the computer guys were known as the communication death squad:)

We had a Verizon air card for five years and most of the time it worked well, usually when we had an issue it was because we were out in the boonies somewhere. Sure hope you can have your issues resolved.

JOJO said...

I have a Toshiba I bought last summer after my HP drove me almost nuts. I love this computer. Sometimes we just get stuck with a crumby computer. If your pictures are saved to your computer get a zip drive and download them on that.then you will never lose your pics. Good Luck getting fixed up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis & Len

If I'm not mistaken, the Geeks will be at the Escapade.

I'm having problems with AT&T's so called reception so I'm getting the new iPhone and will sign up with Verizon. Hope to have the same phone number...if not, won't sign up with the Do Not Call people. I think "Rachel" looks at that list and knows there should be a "live one" on that end. I've gotten so many calls from those people that I no longer answer the phone if I don't recognize the number and I cancelled the voice mail...otherwise, it still uses my minutes. Last week, they were down to one call/day. I didn't get a call today. Maybe they'll stop with the calls...fingers Xd...please God.

Take care.

Judy H. (Cat Lady)

Bob said...

I'm not an expert by any means, but in keeping with what is certainly an unspoken internet tradition, I'm going to offer an unsolicited opinion anyway.
(got that out of the way)

That sounds like some sort of a hardware problem. Possibly some sort of a loose connection or something. Sounds lame, I know. But here's why I have this suspicion....
On this machine that I'm using, the Motherboard (or whatever you call it) will no longer recognise the DVD drive that pops out of the side. Just ain't there! I know it is, I can see the damned thing.
The thing is, sometimes it recognises the drive, sometimes it doesn't. Doesn't matter how I hold my mouth.
Just the same, there's not a hope in hell of fixing it, since finding the cold solder joint or lose connection would be neigh on impossible.
Which is the precise reason why you will end up turfing out your laptop. "Computer Geeks" don't really do all that well with hardware. Software? Sure. Looking for an open circuit? Not likely.
Long winded. Sorry. Good luck.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Donna & I have had good luck with Dell's, Hers is only a year old and I have a an old Latitude that must be 7 or 8 years old, besides being a little slower it connects and is still what I use in the trailer, when Donna isn't with me. See you guys Saturday. We should be pulling up at about 09:30AM. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Rick Doyle said...

Since your Toshiba is 3 years old and causing you so much grief it might actually be a good move to 'toss it in the trash'!!

I certainly wouldn't spend any money getting it repaired as a brand new one can be purchased for less than $500.

Elaine said...

if your thinking of investing do yourself a favour and get a macbook pro....I've had more pc laptops they drag they're slow they slow down they don't recognize things ...I lost patience and just bought new ones..(not the brightest bulb in the package)....finally 2 yrs ago I got a macbook pro...love love love it...not slow at all...always there the minute you open the cover...its not always churning with updates (does them silently on its own)...I do try to remember to reboot it once a month...my pcs were reboot hourly....good luck

Anonymous said...

Geeks on Tour can be trusted with their advice.
We have had same issues with Verizon MiFi. Works like a champ in their store but in our RV, it does not hit on all cylinders.
I've had Compaq, Dell, and HP. I believe HP is best. However, with all Windows based PCs and phones, I discovered that they all slow down over time. I've heard lots of good things from Mac people so I took the plunge and got MacBook Pro. I can honestly say this is the best laptop I've ever had. I also discovered it reliably connects to internet via ATT Hotspot on my iPhone and and is more stable on our Verizon MiFi than my wife's PC.
Best wishes for a successful solution,