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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The $2,828.00 free oil change

Escapade - Sedalia,  MO

First thing yesterday we collected on the free truck wash.   Good for us it was wide enough for our dually.   Nice to have a clean truck.

Then we found the tire store that would do the oil change.  We knew we would have to pay additional as the change was for a car and up to 5 quarts of oil.  Our diesel takes 13 quarts.   That FREE oil change ended up removing a little more than $2,828 from our pockets.

We knew we needed 6 new tires for the truck.   In addition we wanted to upgrade our rigs tires to G's.   Eleven new tires can be quite costly!  

We take the truck in today for the FREE oil change and new treads.   We leave here Friday morning so our appointment for the fiver is 7:30.   It should not take longer than an hour and we will be on the road for the long drive to Hamburg, NY, near Buffalo where we are due Monday morning.

There has not been any seminars the last two days we have an interest in.   Tomorrow and Thursday there is a series on living as a fulltimer.  These we will go to.

Last nights entertainment was George Dyer, who sings opera and showtunes.   He had quite a voice but just not our style.  Give me George Strait instead!    We left pretty early in the show.   I know - that was rude!


Laurie and George said...

Just love the 'free' stuff :)
We haven't gotten any miles on the Montana yet, but we have money saved to replace the tires to 'G' rated ones. We don't want to have to worry about blow-outs when we take off. We may try to see if we can find a place on our trip to SD.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I can barely remember when tires were reasonably priced:(

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We can relate to the tires. We bought all new ones last year right after we purchased our new CRV. Talk about money crunch.

Elaine said...

quite the price on the oil change lol...costly but tires are so important for our safety...we need the best for sure

Donna K said...

Now you know why the merchants donate prizes for raffles!!!

JOJO said...

Safety is never cheap but sure worth the money. At least the wash was really free.

Rick Doyle said...

For that kind of money, they should give you a 'free oil change'. Wow - tires are getting expensive.