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Friday, October 11, 2013

First week of work and a new friend

Gore, OK

We've completed our first week of volunteering here at UM Boys Ranch in Gore, OK.

As team leaders we first hold a planning meeting on Sunday evening

On Monday it was a tour of the facility.   The biggest project is the completion of a retreat cabin that sits up on a mountain.  The road to get to the cabin is rugged.  No taking dually's up that road for sure.  We use the facilities vehicles.  It becomes much more narrow as we approach the cabin.

Then a short walk down to the cabin.   When we arrived most of the framing was complete.

After four days of work:

The view looking across the valley below:

Some of the women spend their time painting.  This is Elizabeth working on the hallway of the Spencer House.  This facility now houses three young men.  They will be moving into another facility on campus and Spencer House will be converted into a Foster Care facility.

Next weekend the Ranch holds it's largest fund raiser - a Rodeo.  The ranch has 29 horses, chickens and cattle.    Two horses that appear to be best friends - always near each other as they wander the grounds.

Donna, who is not a NOMAD but has been volunteering two weeks before the Rodeo for 17 years oversees the cooking and baking while her hubby Erv works around the grounds.   Two of our NOMADS ladies are assisting her in baking cookies, cobblers, etc.   I got a lick out of Donna's slippers.  She says they are comfortable while standing in the kitchen all day.

Yesterday a dog showed up at the cabin site and made quick friends with the men.  They shared their lunches.   Len says as he fed her she politely took the ham from his hand.  When they took breaks she would lay of the feet of one of them.   This cabin is a distance from other buildings or homes.  It curious how she wandered up there.  

As they were driving down Len looked in the rear view mirror to see her running behind.   He stopped, opened the door and in she jumped into the back seat and laid down for the remaining drive.   She spent the rest of the afternoon and evening being fed, watered and loved.  The camp director will try to determine if she belongs to anyone.  If not he will find her a good home.

All the other NOMADS here travel with a dog.  We don't want the responsibility of a pet while traveling.  But if we did she would be a good one.  She will make a great pet for some lucky family.


Judy and Emma said...

She looks like she could use some ham sandwiches. ;)

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

You two always do such nice work.

Your new friend looks like a cutie.

Laurie and George said...

What a cute dog! I'm sure he's happy to have someone feed him a few things. I hope that someone takes him.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like you will be busy! Imagine the pleasure of coming home to a warm furry greeting everyday:)

JO said...

Looks like a lovely place. Can't wait to see the finished cabin.

lost puppy seems well trained. Hope they didn't abandon her instead of finding a new home.

Donna W. said...

bet Len is in heaven...horses, a dog that wants to be his friend and work to do.
that pup has beautiful eyes, maybe part husky or austrialan

Rick Doyle said...

What a great, and fast, job on the cabin.

Sure hope that dog finds a good home.