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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Will be back soon

Gore, OK

Thanks to Rick and Marsha, I have attempted to clean up this site.   However, I've been too busy here at the UM Boys Ranch to do a  blog.

This should be our last week here but since it has rained most every day for a week, the guys have not been able to do any more work on the cabin up in the hill.   Leonard and I are volunteering to stay a few extra days next week.   Len will help the staff here and I will do wherever.   One couple left today, another couple tomorrow and the rest on Friday.  One couple will be returning in a week but we will be gone by then.

So - maybe in the next few days I can attempt a blog.   In the meantime, if anyone is having difficulties at this site, please let me know.


where's weaver said...

No problems for me.

Hope your weather changes for the better.

Laurie and George said...

We'll be waiting! Hope you're getting sleep!

Peggy n David said...

No problem getting here, reading or commenting :) Looking forward to reading more!