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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back to a favorite place

UM Boys Ranch
Gore, OK

We left the COE park across Tenkiller Lake yesterday.   The Ranger came around on Tuesday and said we had to clear out by 4 pm on Wednesday as the gate would be closed due to the shutdown of Federal Parks. No problem we would travel the TEN MILES to our next destination one day early.

We arrived here around 9:00 am

This facility sits right on Tenkiller Lake.

It is about 6 miles north of the town of Gore up a winding narrow road.

After getting settled we met the Director Larry and another group of NOMADS who are currently volunteering at another Circle of Care facility on Tahlaguah, OK.   He was taking them on a tour of this facility.  But before that we were all treated to lunch.  Two of the couples will also be working this project starting Monday.

Today we rode into town just to look around and post some mail.   That winding narrow road from Gore to the Ranch is going through a change.  All the way down the mountain they are widening the road.  It will greatly improve the trip.

This sign was put out while we were gone.

Three couples arrive with their rigs tomorrow, another couple on Saturday.   As Team Leaders we meet with the Director tomorrow morning to get our walking orders!    We are ready for a great three weeks.

I love this area and would gladly live in this area if not for the tornadoes.   That is a big deal breaker!


Marsha Weaver said...

So sad that you had to leave a day early. I just don't get these people in government. Do they have any idea how many people they are hurting?

Enjoy your new "home" base.

Laurie and George said...

Did you ever find out why they call it Tenkiller lake? :)

JO said...

So sad that the children in the White House can't see the money they are really losing with their bad behavior.
You new location looks great and I know you will all do a great job.

Arkansas Travelers said...

Haven't been over to Tenkiller in a couple years. I am so glad they are widening the road. I think Fin and Feather just shutdown for the winter last weekend. They have a great buffet during the summer season. A word of caution to drive the speed limit in Gore and Vian. They do like the revenue from tickets.
Don't let the fear of tornadoes scare you off as this area mostly has threats of tornadoes. Although we have had a few in the past few years that were a little on the nastier side.

Donna W. said...

tornadoes in the midwest. hurricanes in the south and northeast, earthquakes in the west, blizzards in the north....whatcha going to do.
have a great time at the camp...