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Monday, September 30, 2013

One more great COE Park

Snake Creek Cove  Park
Cookson,  OK

We left Kansas yesterday driving Route 69 south into Oklahoma.   From there we picked up routes 59, 82, 10 and finally 100.   Our drive was a pleasant 227 miles.   We left left the Finn County Park in Ks, one of our new friends came out to say goodbye.

The first hour of the drive was slower than usual due to the dense fog.   This picture does not really show how little ahead we could see.

Once into Oklahoma we drove through a town that was on the route of

We were down to only a half tank of fuel but stopped to top it off when we saw it was $3.62 a gallon.  Least expensive we've encountered since leaving NJ in late August.

Once more I am thrilled with an Army Corps of Engineers Park  (COE).   I had read that this one has electric and water.   But when we arrived we found there are 4 sites with sewer also.   Being a Sunday and late in the season there were two of these sites available.  The cost with our Federal Golden Age Pass is only $10.00 a night.   But wait - there's more.   The full price season ends today.  Tomorrow the rates are on the honor system and only $8.50 a night.   So we paid for last night and tonight.  The campground host was only permitted to register people up until tonight's fee.  Tomorrow we need to up to the registration building, take an envelope and place the money in it along with the site we are inhabiting.   We are here until Thursday.

The park is one of several COE parks on Tenkiller Lake.    The lake is abut 200 feet from where we are parked.  

Just across the lake is the marina.

Last night as we walked around the campground we saw two things of special note.  The first was a persimmon tree.   I told Len to try one and if he didn't pucker up, I would too.  He didn't take me up on that dare.   BTW, how does one determine if the persimmon is ripe?

The other was at the playground.  This table and chair set with a checker board inset.

The fund raiser at the NOMADS annual meeting is always a silent auction and then a live auction.  We won a few things at the silent auction.    We were at the live auction when a men's T Shirt was put up for bid.  Len immediately bid $50.00.  No one upped his bid.   Maybe because when he made the bid, I turned to him and said,  "I told you not to bid on anything"   His shirt:


Judy and Emma said...

Funny shirt!

Marsha Weaver said...

COE's are the best!

HAHAHA...love the shirt. Good job Len!

Laurie and George said...

Lol on the shirt! We just love COE parks too. Bonus when they have full hookups!

JO said...

Great shirt! looks like a great park. I have never encountered one as of yet.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Where can I get one of those t-shirts:))

Donna W. said...

I need one of those for Sam.
when soft generally persimmons are ready. we had one when I was a kid, you'll only bite into one that isnt ready once. when ripe they are delicious.