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June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Friday, September 6, 2013

NOMADS annual meeting part 2

Pecatonica,  IL

I am sitting here this morning as rigs are pulling out and NOMADS members heading to their next destination.  Leonard is helping break down and clean up the meeting room.   We will be staying here one more night then tomorrow head to DeSoto, WI to the Blackhawk COE park for 5 days.

What a great meeting we've had.   Monday night was the potluck dinner with assigned tables.  I volunteered to "host" a table.  My responsibility was the decorations and bread.  Our table:

Others brought the main dish, salad and veggie.  Cake and ice cream were provided.  There was a competition for best table setting with 4 winners.

Two of the winners:

Tuesday was auction day.  But first thing in the morning was Pump Out.  This fairground has electric (30 or 50 amp) and water by daisy chain but no sewer.   Pump out is available for $15.00.   Only takes a couple of minutes.   Seems like quite a profitable business for this local entrepreneur.

Silent auction:

Live auction with our auctioneer Wayne Mahan, assisted by his wife Edie.    They always does a bang up job.

A tradition has been the auctioning of this fisherman and dog statute.   This year it brought $250.   Each year someone buys it and signs their names on the bottom, returns it the next year to be auctioned again.

Later that day was our talent show.   The tool man:

And everyone's favorite Arkansas Minnie.  She is a hoot!

There are seminars conducted during the days on Wednesday and Thursday.  Each day is begun with coffee, fruit, bagels and donuts followed by Bible Study.  Then singing and a brief meeting.

A guest on our rig.  It was huge.

Last night was a catered dinner and entertainment by the Monroe Swiss Singers from Green County, WI.  This group started 50 years ago and travels the country and Canada in competitions.   Their part of Wisconsin was settled by Swiss and many of the members still have family in the home country.

BTW, they were NOT playing the Ricola advertisement.

Len just informed me the Fairgrounds President told us who are staying an additional night to clean up there will be no charge for the night.  In addition there is lots of food left over from last nights catered dinner and we will be meeting at 12:30 for lunch.  YIPPEE!  A night of free camping and a great lunch to boot!  Life is good.


Peggy n David said...

It sounds like you have had a very fun and productive rally!

Love the updates - Happy Trails!

JO said...

Seems it all went very well and now a bonus for staying and cleaning up. Can't beat that.
BTW your table looked grand, nice job

safe travels

owensontheroad said...

That did look like a fun rally. They really do a lot of things there! Loved your table :)

Carol Kerr said...

Sounds like a wonderful meeting. Can't wait to see you guys when you get down Mercedes way...

Donna W. said...

Free camping free food after a night of fun, cant beat that.