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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yuk! So we moved on.

Blackhawk Park  COE
De Soto,  WI

After the maximum time permitted to park FOR FREE (3 days) at Rainbow Casino in Nekoosa, WI it was time to move on.    Our plan was to stay in the area but move to Deer Trail Campground a short 6 miles away.

But first on Sunday we attended the United Methodist Church in nearby Port Edward.  Then we met up with two former co-workers on mine at the Applebees in Wisconsin Rapids.   Mike is on the left, Pat on the right.

During my working life, I was an Human Resource Professional.  In 1998 the company I was working for was acquired by the company they worked for along with other properties throughout the country.  Mike was the HR Manager in Wisconsin, Pat the corporate HR Director.

Unfortunately in 2000 our NJ plant was closed and eventually all other sites.    Over the years Mike and I have occasionally emailed.  I've had no contact with Pat since the closing.   So, when we found ourselves in Wisconsin it was a perfect time to catch up.   I have also maintained contact with the Benefits Manager.  But lucky girl that she is, she and her hubby are part time RVers.  They are currently on the west coast.  Would have loved seeing her too.

After spending about two hours together and getting mostly caught up in each others lives, it was time for us to say so-long and head back to the casino to hook up and move the 6 miles.   

We pulled into the campground at 2:10 and found the office closed at 2.   A phone number was posted on the door.  I called the number and the woman told me to pick out a site and see her in the morning.  We drove around looking for a site.   The campground offered water and electric only.  Glad the office was closed and he did not pay for a site.

Neither of us liked the campground at all.  Lots of permanent rigs and the whole place looked shabby.  As there was no sewer we decided to empty our gray tanks.  While emptying, we got to talking.  "Hey, Len" I said, "it's only 110 miles back to Blackhawk, feel like driving back?"  YUP! he said.

So here we are back here.   Felt like coming home.   From our experience, can't beat most Corps of Engineers parks.   We've learned to live without sewer and water for longer than we thought we could.  Just have to conserve what we can carry on board.   

We sat around all day yesterday.  Today we took a nice ride through the countryside, did the laundry, a little bit of grocery shopping and had a nice lunch.     Now it is raining.    Coming down pretty good.  

From my desk here in the RV I am looking out at a trailer with an old couple sitting under their awning.   They have a campfire going.   I can always tell the part timers from full timers.   Here we are snug in the rig, campfires are okay but only went it's suitable weather.   Always amazes us to see campers with a campfire going and it's 90+ degrees out.  Go figure!


Donna W. said...

maybe on your way south you can meet up with steve and karen, they are around the milwaukee area
a couple of campgrounds we had to stay at should have paid us to class up their place

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

How nice to meet up with old friends. Glad y'all made time to catch up.

We love COE parks. They are always so lovely.

JO said...

It really is a pain when you find these run down RV Parks. At least you didn't have to pay and then stay of course I would have asked for a refund. Nice to run into old co workers.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Hey be careful at Ameristar Casino, Kansas City, MO not the best part of town.

Rick Doyle said...

Wood for campfires is getting so expensive now it probably costs more than propane to keep warm.

Laurie and George said...

Glad you hadn't paid for that CG. We are amazed how easy it is to distinguish the full timers from the weekenders too. They usually have everything out, mats, lights, lawn ornaments..lol.

The Odd Essay said...

Kind of mused over your comment... full timer vs some timers. Wasn't sure which category you put who. We've been full timers since 2001 and have yet to build a campfire... we've never felt we are "camping"... we live in the rig and haven't "camped" the first day ;-) Love your story about meeting up with former workers... sure makes a person happy they retired when they did, huh?