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Friday, September 20, 2013

Found another GEM

Prairie Flower 
COE Campground
Saylorville Lake, Iowa

We left Wisconsin mid morning yesterday arriving at this lovely COE park a little after 2.

From the looks of it we thought we would be among just a few folks here.  I had reserved a site and so glad I did.  

By mid day today the place is packed.  We talked to the couple next to us.  They called for reservations yesterday morning and were told only 4 sites left in the 243 site park.   There are 4 or 5 other COE campgrounds in the vicinity around the lake.  This is the largest one.  Others range from 69 sites to 124.

What is unusual about this park is the layout of the majority of the sites.   Unlike ours which is a typical RV site, there are 10 loops designated for group camping.  The smallest loop is for 4 rigs; the largest the 14.  The rigs are parked in a circle on the loop with a sheltered pavilion in the center.   All loops were in use by this afternoon.

Earlier today we took a ride into town as we were having mail forwarded from our mail forwarding service.  I looked on the USPS website and got the Zip Code for Saylorville, which I told our service to send our mail to under General Delivery.  I've never before had a problem with this system.  So, we went to find Saylorville Post Office.  THERE IS NONE!   We found a mail carrier and asked about the nearest post office.  We explained to her that we had mail sent GENERAL DELIVERY to 50313.   She directed us to the Post office she carries out of and told us they delever the mail for 50313 and 50316.

We found the post office.   THEY NO NOT ACCEPT GENERAL DELIVERY.  They told us to go to the main post office in Des Moines.   A nice lady there said if the other post office receives General Delivery mail with that Zip Code they will forward to them in Des Moines.   So, we hope it will be in Des Moines on Monday as we planned on leaving the area Tuesday.  If not, well we can stay a few days more I suppose.

Then this afternoon we took a ride around the lake area.

The Dam.

A popular fishing area

Drove by a marina that was chock full of House Boats.  How cool are these!

While on the road at the dam we saw these birds flying overhead.  They looked like they were going to get into formation but never did.   At first we thought they were Snow Geese, but don't think so.  They were a distance and we couldn't quite make them out.   Maybe Pelicans?     Judy?  Can you help?  

Weather is great.   Lots of hiking trails in the area.  Will avail ourselves to one of them tomorrow.


Laurie and George said...

COE parks are the best. That one looks great too! Hope you guys track down your mail soon. We've never done the general delivery thing yet. So far we've been lucky to be somewhere that accepts mail when the time oame.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Just spent some time in a nice COE park in KY. Making a note of this one as well:)

Judy and Emma said...

Those are white pelicans heading south for the winter. Perhaps you noticed that they never make a sound in flight. I always think of them as the B-52's of birdland. They just soar and soar soundlessly.

JO said...

Love the house boats. The birds are great too.