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Monday, September 23, 2013

So, what it is?

Prairie Flower Campground
COE Park
near Saylorville Lake, Iowa

We still are enjoying this park.  Over the weekend it looked like this:

Today like this:

In the park is a portion of the

The Neal Smith trail starts in downtown Des Moines and travels 26 miles to Big Creek State Park.  Most of it follows the route of the Des Moines river.

Being lovely weather we set out yesterday and took a walk.  As Len's gout was acting up again, we didn't go far.   Today we started again and did a bit better.  We passed this milepost of the trail.

 No we did not walk 18 miles.  I said we passed this post!   Get real.

Shortly after the milepost we took the wooded path.

Passing by a small pond

Now for the my question of the day.  Can you nature lovers tell us about this nut?

From this tree?

Many cracked shells on the ground and obvious dug up holes in the dirt where they are being stored.

Tomorrow we head out.  Going to go about 255 miles into Kansas to La Gygne.   There is a county park with RV sites where we hope to settle for two nights.

Time to heat up the soup I made earlier today and enjoy our last night here in Iowa.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We are back in the land of the living. Going to try to catch up on everyone's posts.

You two look like you took a lovely walk.

Safe travels tomorrow. We could use some nice hot soup. Going to get down to 25 here in Cortez, CO.

Donna W. said...

MY sil knows about trees, I'll ask her about the nut...she'll know. Did Dr tell Len to trade the boots for tennis shoes when the gout acts up

Peggy n David said...

Looks like a great place. My guess is that it is a Hickory Nut tree and nut!

Rick Doyle said...

Haven't got a clue on the nut.

What a difference in that park from the weekend to a Monday - talk about getting outta Dodge!

Safe travels to your next destination!

Laurie and George said...

Hmm, not sure the nut. Glad Len is able to get out and walk a bit. 18 miles..haha, yeah right :) I got George to walk a bit tonight!

Donna W. said...

ok asked my sil the experton these matters and she said it is hickory tree and nut