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Friday, December 17, 2010

Inside a Castle

Houston, TX

We are here visiting family for a day.   I can get ONLINE!!  YIPPEE!!    Rick stated he would love to see picutres of inside Len's cousins Dwayne' castle in Sulphur LA.   So - let's give it a try.

But first - welcome to Bob and Vicky.   I will be checking out their blog shortly.

Stairs in Banquet Hall going to upper level
Looking at smaller dining room from residence kitchen
Small dining room
Family room - the Blond is Lisa, Mistress of the House.
Formal dining room
Entry to a bathroom
Guest Bedroom
Game room
Exercise room
View of Brides dressing room
Another view of Brides Dressing Room

Yup, this is quite a house.   Dwayne did a lot of the work himself.   He has always been a hard worker, I am told.   He started right after high school building storage sheds in his backyard and grew his business from there.

And - I uploaded those pictures in no time at all.   Got a good connection here.   WHEW!


owensontheroad said...

Wow! Amazing pictures of the inside..

Rick said...

Wow! All I can say is Dwayne sure must have sold a lot of storage sheds! Thanks for posting the pics of this spectacular castle!