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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Movin' On

Georgetown,  TX

AT LAST  - we are in an area that our Sprint Mobile Hot Spot really works and quite fast at that.  I have so missed blogging and catching up with fellow bloggers.

Speaking of bloggers  - welcome to The Old Geezer, our newest follower.  I will be sure to check in on his blog too!

As many of us have found, RV manufacturers do not install the best hardware.   Our kitchen sink spigot was starting to leak.   Last week Leonard decided it was time to change it out.   We shopped for a new days before finally finding one that was suitable.   One problem is that our hardware in the fiver is the newer copper color.   Not many selections out there.   We also have to be aware of the size.   We found one we liked at Lowes.   

If all else fails, read directions.

It has been installed and looks and operates quite well.

We left Louisiana this morning.   Usually in that part of Louisiana we stay at the Texas Pelican because it is CHEAP and close of Len's family.   It is nothing more than a stone parking lot.  It does have a laundry on site and the workers are friendly.    It advertises it has a pond.  Now tell me, who would have anything to do with this pond.   Not only is it covered with green scum but....

We left Vinton, La. at 8:10 this morning and arrived at East View RV Ranch in Georgetown Texas around 2:15 this afternoon.   I chose this park because of the good reviews on   http://www.rvparkreviews.com/.      I would prefer some grass and a picnic table.   But the sites are roomy and the place is clean.    Here is the view from our rig.  Not bad.

Tomorrow we will catch up with Granddaughter Tiffany, her hubby Cody and son Alec.   They live about 30 minutes from here.  We will only be in the area until Sunday morning.   The weather here today was mild but that is expected to change.  Still and all, we are glad to be back on the road!


Rick said...

Looks like you have a real nice spot there with that beautiful ocean view. Congrats to Leonard on getting the new faucet in. Plumbing always seems to stump me as it takes me a few times to get a new connection to stop leaking. I don't read the instructions, I just get a bigger hammer!!

MargieAnne said...

You have to admire our men who tackle all kinds of jobs around our homes, on wheels or otherwise. We are sleeping in the bus-home and John had to one of the nastiest plumbing jobs when our toilet blocked, 'nuff said.

Now we're off for a walk to see how folk are bringing in the New Year.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good to see you are in a nice park and I hope the weather is warm enough, we are having a couple of days in the 60's but it is supposed to drop like a rock back into the freezing digits Saturday.Just a suggestion go online and look up Colaw's Used Rv parts, in MO. You may find a set of steps at a good price and install them yourself. I bought a fantastic fan and they shipped it UPS and I put it in our bathroom in place of the useless thing that came with it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

The COE park at lake Georgetown is really nice if you decide to look for grass and a picnic table.

Mel said...

Thanks for reading my blog today....I've enjoyed yours as well. Have fun in Texas!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Hey! You guys are in our old neighborhood! We lived/worked in Cedar Park, just down the road from Georgetown prior to hitting the road. Hope you enjoy your stay! Wish we were there; it's COLD here! Happy New Year!