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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in the rearview mirror

Georgetown,  TX

We caught up with granddaughter Tiffany, her hubby Cody and baby Alex yesterday.  Us being hungry (as usual) we took them to lunch at a Chinese Buffet in Burnet, TX.

After our visit, we invited them to our campsite today for the traditional Louisiana New Years Day meal of cornbread, blackeye peas and cabbage.  I have a ham in the oven, an apple pie for dessert and peeled shrimp for an appetizer.  I do not even want to imagine what evil might befall us if we did not have cornbread, cabbage and blackeye peas today!

In my last post I mentioned we would have preferred a grassy site with a picnic table to what we have in this campground.   Our readers Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace suggested we look at Lake Georgetown which is a COE (Corps of Engineers) park.   We tried briefly late yesterday afternoon but could not find it.   This morning we tried again and after stopping to ask, we finally located the lake and park.

Oh how we wish we knew about Lake Georgetown before reserving at a private campground.    Since this was not a busy time, the gate attendant permitted us to drive through.   One campground is closed for repairs.  The campground that was open had many available sites, many on the lake.

There is water and 50 amp service.   No sewer but a dump station.  The cost is just $18.00 a night with a 50% discount with the Golden Age Pass.   WE HAVE IT!    Aside from the better scenery than where we are, we would have saved about $30.   Live and learn.  The next time we visit family here, this will be our campground of choice.   Thank you, dear readers, for your suggestion.

A brief look at our year in review:

We planned to hit the road January 8. Phyllis was hospitalized on Jan 5 with Cat Scratch Fever.
We then planned on leaving January 30.  Hit with a foot of snow on January 29.  We left NJ on February 1 as the roads were cleared.

Spent a week in Livingston, TX changing our domicile to Texas.  Was SHOCKED at the costs.  Big, costly mistake.   Moved on to Len's hometown in Louisiana and stayed a month, assisting in care of his Mother.

Went to Jacksonville, TX to work our first NOMADS project.  After 2 weeks we were asked to return to Louisiana and assist siblings in Mom's care.  

On Easter we had a family dinner at Len's moms.  After dinner we traveled to Sequin TX and stayed at a friend of daughter Terri's.  Terri and Steve flew in for the week.   From Sequin, we went to Burnet, TX to visit Tiffany.  On 3rd day we were called back to Louisiana.

We stayed in Louisiana providing care until May 24 when we headed to SD to get drivers license.  We had already changed domicile from TX to SD on April 1, saving much moola.   Five hours on the road we had accident with rig, separating back wall from side about a foot.   Left rig in shopin TX for temp repairs while we drove on to SD and got our drivers licenses.

We returned to TX, picked up rig and went to NJ.   We "camped" in Terri's side yard until August 28 when all repairs were done.  

We started our second NOMADS project in NC.  On the first day of the project we were called back to Louisiana.   We got there one day before Len's mom passed.   Following the funeral, we returned to the project. We then went to the NOMADS annual meeting, also in NC.

Next spent 3 weeks in TN at Raccoon Valley, an Escapees park.   Met some wonderful people while there.  Then it was to GA and our third NOMADS project.  

From GA we drove to Alabama for Thanksgiving at the home of Leonard's son and family.   We left our rig at their home and flew to Baltimore to visit daughter's Terri and Amy and their families.   We took granddaughters Charlotte and Abby up to NJ with us when we visited Aunt T and Uncle Steve.

Once back to Alabama we traveled to Lousiana for Christmas.  

We left Lousiana two days ago. And here we are now in Georgetown, TX.    A new year.  As in any year, we had some fun along the way but also had our share of sadness and mishaps.  

But here we are - we survived our first year on the road and now look forward to what 2011 has in store.

Happy New Year!


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Boy what a year you guys had. Hope 2011 will go better for you.

Happy New Years

Laurie and George said...

Great recap to a busy year. When we get closer to our launch date, would love to talk to you guys about the TX vs SD thing.

Rick and Paulette said...

I enjoyed reading your year's recap! You've certainly had a busy year. Cornbread, blackeyed peas and cabbage? Sounds good to me!