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Friday, January 28, 2011

From Tucson to Benson

Benson,  AZ

We (they) finished up the ceiling yesterday at Hope UMC.   I was of no help all week due to sprained ankle.  It is still swollen, making walking difficult.

Len drove the final nail in the trim.

The ceiling looks great.   The spotlights were painted and new fans installed.

We all celebrated the completion of the project and our last day by going to Red Lobster for dinner.   Mary Lou and Paul had a friend couple passing through the area and asked that they join us.   When Mary Lou introduced the woman to Leonard and I she told us that Erna once lived in NJ.    Erna told us she lived in SEABROOK when she was 15-17 and she and her father worked at Seabrook Farms. 

HEY!   We are from Seabrook!  Leonard was Asst Chief of Seabrook Fire Co. and I retired from Seabrook Bros and Sons which was founded by the grandsons of CF Seabrook who owned Seabrook Farms back in the day.  Unbelievable!!!!   She now lives in Wisconsin.

We left Tucson this morning at 8 for our 45 mile drive, arriving at the Escapees SKP park at 9.   As this is a very popular time for RVers in the southern Arizona area, we wanted to make sure we got a site at this membership park.   This park is a co-op with the sites owned by members.  The only available sites for transients are those where the owners are away.

We were put in site 1, way in the back of the park.  We are so pleased with this location.

The sites are really large.  There is a small building on our door side with a patio.  We do not have access to the building but have set up our table, grill and lawn chairs on the patio.  We have no neighbors on one side of us.  We look out over the mountains.  They tell us the sunsets are not to miss.

Once we got settled, I called my cousin Muriel who lives in nearby Hereford.   We had our new steps sent to her and they arrived yesterday.  She is bringing them to us tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to getting reacquainted with her.

We then did the WalMart thing.   Judy, who we met at the Escapees Park in Tennessee, was due to arrive here today.   I called her on the way back from WalMart and she was about 3 miles away.  We waited at check-in to give her a hug and hello.   She is traveling with her son and DIL but in her own rig.  They were a few miles behind her.  

There is a chicken dinner tonight at the Club House.  We bought the last two tickets.   We are glad to now have this time site see and relax.  Oh, and for our friends and family in the northeast, it is low 70's and sunny today.

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Rick and Paulette said...

Looks like you've got a great site at the SKP park in Benson. Jerry and Suzy (Our Life on Wheels) live in that park.

Hope the Chicken dinner was good!