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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dropped a Twenty

Tucson, AZ

We are winding down our three weeks here in the Tucson area.   We will head out on Friday.

We had received a coupon for one free admission with one paid admission to The Mini-Time Machine - Museum of Miniatures.  One senior admission is $6.00.   Having nothing else scheduled for Saturday, we went on over.  This museum is a 15,560 sq. ft. building housing a display of antique and contemporary miniatures.   We were told it is the collection of one woman.  Most of the displays were dollhouses.   Lots and lots of dollhouses.   Lots and Lots and Lots of dollhouses.   Our granddaughter Charlotte would have loved it.  I wanted to take pictures but no flash photography allowed.  Oops - I took one thinking I knew how to turn to flash off .  I don't.

We visited this museum for about one hour - but how interesting is a bunch of dollhouses?   Not that much to us I guess.

After church this morning we got the group together for our group picture.  Missing from the picture is Betsy Losey who is having breathing difficulties and confined to their Motorhome.

Bill Losey, Delmar and Cheryl Smith, Paul and Mary Lou Stark,
Pastor Jimmy Nelson, Phyllis and Leonard, Janet and Jim Fagerland

After church the Fagerlands and Smiths and Len and I had lunch at the Grand Buffet, a Chinese buffet that really has a little bit of everything.

Len and I went for a short ride down I19 to Desert Diamond Casino.  Hence the title of this blog.  This casino is on an Indian Reservation.

We entered through the front saying hello to two security personnel.  We got about 50 feet onto the casino floor when another security officer came up to Leonard.  She asked him if that was a knife in the sheath on his belt.   It was.   The man carries that knife most of the time.  He had to take it out and leave it in the truck.  Understandable. We wondered how many men had penknives in their pockets.   Seems to us lots of men carry them unseen.

It took all of about 15 minutes to walk the perimeter on the casino floor twice and give them a $20 donation at the quarter slots.  

I counted 14 RV's "camped" in their parking lot.   I went online and saw such camping is allowed for a 7 day period.    Don't want to do that!   I am still grieving the loss of that $20.00


Rick and Paulette said...

I know how you feel. It sure doesn't take long for those slot machines to eat up your money. I'll bet those RV's that camp for free for 7 days could stay in the best luxury RV resort for less than it end up costing them to stay at a casino.

Ivey said...

I am not into gambling but I love to watch others do it. (it is not my money that way) I watched a man drop about $500.00 on one roll of the wheel. He just shrugged and walked away. I would have bawled like a baby.

Carol and Johnny said...

I'm trying to figure out if Mr. Fagerland is someone I used to know from up by Rugby, ND... As I'm getting older names seem to blend together and morph!

Where are you off to next?