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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A little bit of southwest New Mexico

Deming, NM

First - we thank all of our readers who have shown concern and support for our dear Charlotte.   The test came back and her ailment is not Lymes.   However, the fever broke, she is walking better, eating again and is back at daycare.  She still has a hard time climbing stairs.   If she continues to have pain or shows other symptoms, more tests will be done.

Frozen water lines again this morning - but we were smart and had filled the holding tank. 

Yesterday we spent a few hours at the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum.   I wish I had pictures.  We got there and realized I did not have the camera.  We drove back to the campground, got the camera and returned to the museum.  I went to take the first picture - low battery.  How many of you has that happened to?   Too many I bet.

If you are ever in this area, this museum is a not miss.    There is an extensive display of Mimbres Indian pottery, a cowboy exhibit, antique autos, farm implements, art gallery, military history section, a gem and mineral room, a doll room and lots of other interesting displays.  No cost but donations well received.

Today we drove about 30 miles down to Columbus, NM.  In 1916 Pancho Villa and his army crossed the river from Mexico and invaded this small town.    There is a small museum and a state park

The campground at Pancho Villa State Park.  That is our truck middle right.

Cootes Hill.  A lookout post where Americans watched what was happening over the border

Armored car, forerunner of a tank.

The US Army was called in to track down Villa in Mexico.  Leading that expedition was General Pershing who a few years later commanded troops in France during World War I.   Pancho Villa was never captured.  10 American civilians were killed in the raid.

After leaving Columbus we drove through the customary border patrol check.  Again, we passed.

Our next stop was at Rockhound State Park.    We drove into the canyon section and took a 3/4 mile walk.

The road up to the Canyon

From the trail.  It was a steep climb up.  If the picture is enlarged our truck can be seen in the center.
After a driving to the canyon we drove over to the camping area, about two miles away.   On the way we could see people walking around checking out the rocks.   Each person is permitted to take 15 pounds of rock from the area.   As we were stopped and looking around, a lady out in the field started waving to us and walking toward our truck.

We have a NOMADS magnetic sign on both sides on the truck.   When she got to our truck she said, "hey there fellow NOMADS".   A while later her husband, who was out in the field rockhounding, joined us.  Then we saw a couple from the campground come in behind us.   This couple had come to our fiver this morning asking for information about NOMADS.    The 6 of us talked until it was time for us to head back to the campground for the weekly dinner.    

We never did get close to check out the campsites.  That's okay- we had a great conversation with our new NOMAD friends and two wannabe NOMADS.

Another great day.


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Thank goodness Charlotte is doing better!! It's so scary to not know what's wrong, and to feel helpless to fix it.


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Glad you are enjoying your visit and glad you liked the museum. My dad was bragging on it and I have not had a chance to go see it when I am visiting. The John Deere Dealership that you passed going to Columbus was owned and operated by my mother for 40 years. We sold the business in 2006.